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16 Year Old Niece with Stage IV, Seeks Info

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I'm new to this site so not sure how everything works. I have a 16 yr. old niece diagnosed a few months ago with Stage IV Melanoma. She is trying to find similarly aged people she can correspond with who have been through (or are currently going through) what she is experiencing. She has not been successful. Can anyone help, please? Good luck to all!

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i'm sorry for you and your niece. my husband is stage four melanoma. he is 31, but he's not much for meeting new people and sharing this, however, i would be happy to talk to your niece (i'm 26), if she has any questions she would like to ask. we have been dealing with this for 3 1/2 years.

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Thank you for replying. Sorry for you and your family as well. I appreciate the offer and will pass the information along. I forgot to add to my posting that she has a website: kellyshope.com where more info is available. How does she (or her mom-my sister) contact you? Again, thanks for reaching out.

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I am 29 year old with stage IV. I would love to talk with your neice. Also check out the MPIP.com board. There is aot of nice people there too. Jami

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Thanks for the tip. I will pass this info on to my sister Deb, Kelly's mom. Kelly's website is kellyshope.com Good luck to you and thank you for responding. Dan

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im so sorry to hear about your stages i too had miligment melanoma lvl 4 when i was 24 im now 33 have had a tumor removed from my brain a year ago now has turned to matastic cancer yes just from the miligment mel. lvl 4 stay checked i was just notified yesterdya that i have 3 new friends one tumor in my liver, lung, and shoulder please i pray that ill be okay but wile your young get on the ball with chemo no one ever offerd it to me

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There is a "Young Cancer Survivors" discussion group on this website -- it's the last one on their list of different groups. Your niece should check it out since the group seems to be composed of young people coping, as she is, with a cancer diagnosis. Good luck to her.

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Hey, really sorry that your niece has to go through this horribly scary disease. I also have stage IV melanoma, I'm 28 years old. I'd love to talk or trade emails with your niece. Myself, I've been trying to stay sane by communicating with other cancer patients, and also been doing a huge amount of reading up on nutrition and natural aids for cancer victims. Anyway, I wish your niece the best of luck.

Mike J, Maui, Hawaii


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I'm 20 years old, but I was 13 when I was diagnosed. If your niece is still looking for someone to talk to, I would be more then happy!

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