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Vegas was great!

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Hi all!

Just got back from Vegas around 2:30 this morning and thought you'd all enjoy a little glimpse of how things went....

Kerry and her husband were gracious enough to reserve a suite as their room, which allowed us all to meet in the evenings prior to heading out into the Vegas night. The first night, Lisa Rose and Andy her husband, Mike & his wife, Scouty, Kerry, Kaye, Jose, Greta, Dana & I were there. Kerry put to gether a disc showing pictures and little stories of those extended family members, as well as those who have left us for greener pastures and bluer skies. Pretty emotional stuff!

That first night, we also got to talk to Kanga (Ross) and 2bhealed (Emily) on the phone. And just for the record, Ross sounds JUST LIKE HE TYPES! I thought I was listening to a Foster's Beer commercial or Outback Steakhouse commercial when he spoke. Very cool!

Emily was just as sweet as ever, and although she wasn't there in person, it still managed to make us all feel very close as we "gathered 'round the speakerphone!"

Throughout the night, I was honored to be able to watch my MIGHTY CHICAGO WHITE SOX battle it out with Kerry's husband's team, the Houston Astros...needless to say, the World Series outcome was just icing on my Vegas cake!

We shared stories, tears, and a few racy jokes, and had a real good time.

I was greeted by Lisa (scouty) upon my arrival to the hotel. I get out of the taxi only to hear someone calling my name. Well THAT freaked me out! Who on earth would know me in Vegas? After initial hugs, off we went to gamble. She is amazing. I felt like we were long lost friends!

Kerry, who is a gorgeous southern belle looks EXACTLY like Diane Sawyer from Good Morning America. Full of grace and class and oh so sweet! She and her hubby were the perfect hosts.

Kaye is as cute as a bug. Perfect hair, and clothes, and precious as ever. She gave us each a "healing bag" which was a little decorative pouch filled with a tiny glass red heart, and angel penny, and a smooth shiny stone. She promised these would provide us with strength through our journeys. We all agree that she looked like Marlo Thomas from "That Girl."

Mike and his wife made me think that their three sons must be very tall and handsome. They were both SO tall, and quite the perfect couple! It was really terrific to meet them! It was nice to meet in person a fellow "stage 4" survivor!

Lisa Rose (my sister separated from birth) and her husband Andy made me feel like I've known them forever! I have never laughed so hard than when I was with them! Just for the record, Canadians really know how to have a good time! Simply amazing!

SpongeBob came on the second night. Whispers the day before alluded to something just shy of the coming of the Messiah with talk of him coming on Wednesday! And of course, he didn't dissapoint! Just as witty and cordial as ever. On my last day there, I was walking through the shops with my sister and her husband only to hear someone again calling my name...it was him and I was able to have a drink with him before heading home. He truly is a good friend and it was nice to have that chance to hang out.

So, in a not so small nutshell, that is a little glimpse of what took place. And knowing this bunch, I'm sure that there will be many more stories to come as people get back home. I think the general idea is to plan two events a year, so folks can make one or the other based on their schedules. I can't wait!

Take care everyone,


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Hiya babe. Nice to see you back here with such a glowing smile Stacey!Kerry had a pic disc? Geez...I hope that I was wearing something suitable for the evening...lol! We were a bit sad that our video tape could not be seen. We had some nice views of our home district in it. I might send some pics over later off the video Stacey.
Emotional stuff? Struth, I thought I was the only one in tears gal. My phone will never work properly again!
Waddayahmean?...just like I type? I speak purrfectly goood eeengleesh gal. he! he!
I am gunna reserve further comments 'til later when they all get back here to read tha posts.
If I say any more now I may well incriminate myself...so I won't say any more,
I won't say any less either!...lol!
Btw Stacey....thanks "eventually" for tha cyber hugg!
luv, Ross n Jen

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By the way, my sister liked your accent, too, even though you caught her off guard with the phone call! The next one, you and Jen will have to get there...we'll find somewhere close to YOUR home! I laugh at the phone rates for you to call the hotel, for a mere $ 5.00 for an hour....for me to call Kerry's cell phone from my hotel room was $ 11.00 for 3 minutes! UGH! Well worth it, the perfect trip....

Smooches to you & the lovely Jen!


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To all Semi-Colons,

The Colon Palooza was awesome!! Stacy, your kind words are appreciated, but you are also one awesome woman!! I so enjoyed being with you - you are a beautiful, and strong person.

This opportunity to meet was so incredible that it is so difficult to put into words.

To those of you who wanted to come and could not make it - we missed you so very much.

To all of you who were able to be in Las Vegas:

Stacy: You are one great woman! I enjoyed getting to know you and can't wait until the next Palooza!**thanks for the tip on eating my vegetables!!

Lisa (Scout): Hey Gal, you are one lucky girl at the tables in Las Vegas. We missed you so much on Friday!!!

Lisa Rose and Andy: So much laughter and so much love. Thanks

Kay: (Our very own Mary Tyler Moore), and I'm so glad you are close so we can be together more often.

Mike and Carlyn: (mikew42) It was so great to meet you both. It is so amazing how folks who have never met before just feel this kindrid spirt. Thanks for being there.

SpongeBob: The Messiah??? All I remember are the Commander's Palace Specials?? Anyway, yes you are one awesome dude!

Thanks Kanga (Ross) and Emily (2bhealed), also Wanda and Bud (nanuk) who called. We all wish you could have been there physically but you were there in our thoughts and hearts.

And a special thanks to the Cancer Survivor's Network for make all this possible, for providing a network to help us get through tough times with encourage, information, support and lots of love from our peers.

What a great time we had. Thank you all!!


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Hello All,

Yes, meeting everyone in Vegas was truly incredible. We certainly missed all of you who couldn't make it.

Kerry and Merriman were so gracious to share their suite and provide us with adult beverages.
Their hospitality and generosity allowed everyone to feel relaxed and at home. I have thought of Kerry all day ..... sending her well wishes for excellent testing results.

Stacy is a doll. I enjoyed talking with her about her children. I can tell she is a super mom!

Scouty is so cool. She's easy to talk to and loves to tease. I am so praying for her this next week. I just know all will be well.

Andy and Lisa are so much fun. They are the perfect couple. I enjoyed hearing of their travels.

Meeting Mike and his wife was a pleasure. I wished I could have spent more time with them both.

Bob is the group's glue. His quick wit amazes me. He is as articulate in his speaking as he is in his writing. I just wished I could have spent more time with him as well.

On Thursday night I had a severe bout of IBS. I intended to rest for just a couple of hours but woke up eight hours later, so I missed the festivities on Thursday night. This was a big bummer for me. Please forgive me, everyone, I so wanted to be with you.

To all that read this message: I would like to share a healing bag with you as well. If you would like one, please send me an private email with your mailing address.

Thanks everyone for making the trip special. See you all soon.


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Glad to hear everyone had a good time. Glad all had a save return home trip. Thanks for all the info, hope to see everyone oneday soon. Livin

Posts: 319
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OOPS I did it again-smile, I was trying to say safe trip home not save trip. That's that chemo brain working overtime again.

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Hi All!

This is Corinne from the Vegas trip. I was there with the rest of the "Colon Club". I have had a screen name on this site for a while now, but don't write much - I am more of a reader...

But, I wanted to write now and let you all know how wonderful it was to meet you in person and to have had the opportunity to talk to you all personally about your individual circumstances.

Kerry - I just wanted to say that it was so wonderful of you and your husband to have invited us all over to your suite every night and to have been such great hosts. It really was much more comfortable to have a private area to all meet and share stories in.

And Kay, I just wanted to tell you that I, as well as the other young survivors I was with, was truly touched by the "healing bag" that you gave us all. It was one of the many times that I was close to tears. I certainly will be bringing mine with me as I have my 3-month tests this November.

You are all such wonderful people and I feel so lucky to have met you all and the CSN people who make this all possible.

I wish you all the best (everyone on this site, not just those in Vegas), and I do hope that we can all meet again one day. I will continue to read the many posts on this site, and will make an effort to write a little more myself.

Corinne :-)

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Yes Vegas was great. I hated leaving early but my family wedding was good too. The love, respect and caring emotions in Kerry and Merriman's suite will be with me for some time.

I too, learned how to eat vegetables!!!!! Thank you Stacy....bet you are blushing (I hope so anyway). And you picked a great hotel for us!!!!

Kerry and Merriman were wonderful with their preplanning and care to make us all feel so welcome and comfortable. Everything was so classy. The eyes of Texas of upon you.......

Lisa Rose and Andy, you know I adore you both and like everyone else love to laugh with you both.

Mike42 and Carlyn, it was wonderful meeting you both and Mike you keep on kicking the beasts' ***!!!!!

Kay, the healing bag you gave us was so special. I plan to have my with me Thursday!!!! Thank you so much and please read your email!!!!!

Kanga and Emily, talking to both of you on the phone touched my heart (as always) and it really was the next best thing to you being there. So many wonderful accents. BTW, Kay's southern accent is better then mine, if you can imagine.

Sponger, I hated that I only got to spend a little time with you but as always, it was special. I love the photo of you chocking me.

Jose, Greta and Dana, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for all you did for us and all the goodies. I wore my t-shirt proudly yesterday!!!!

Jose, how can we see your photos? I'm sure you got some really good ones.

For those of you that could not be there, we toasted you all to make sure you were there in spirit with us.

Please try to join us for the next one. It's hard to explain just how cool meeting everyone is.

Lisa P.

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