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Prayers please

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I was just hoping everyone could say a little prayer for my friend. Her son, a Marine, was just killed in Iraq on Thursday.

She is divorced and this was her only son. She is my daughters teacher.

I can't even begin to imagine how she feels.

God grant her strength and peace to some how get thru the pain.


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I am so saddened to hear about your friend. I know a part of me would die if anything happened to any of my children, regardless of age. When I got into the airport in Chicago last night, there was a soldier named Randy back from the war. Everyone around him was both proud and relieved that he was safely home.

I pray your friend finds tiny comfort each day to ease the pain,


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Barb, we are so sad to hear this news. I am certain that you will be there to help her through this tragedy. Our thoughts are with your friend and we hope that all servicemen and women, including our ozzie mates are soon able to return home safely.

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My prayers for your daughter's teacher have been lifted to the throne of the One that can give comfort where none seems possible. That she will know peace and love through the sacrifice of her son. May God calm her and give her strength to carry on.... to know her son was a hero... a savior.... in many ways.... May she remember him with joy and not sorrow.... in time...
That her friends will know to be listeners and compassionate people. Amen
blessings, neelieC

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I am so sorry to hear about your friend's son. My son is in the airforce and I am thankful every day that he has been lucky enough to stay out of Iraq. My thoughts are with her.

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Barb, so awful. I am so sorry - tell your friend we are indebted to her son, and her entire family. She we remain with us.

I hope she will be OK. Such a tremendous loss. May she find solice in friends, family, and in knowing what a hero her son is.

Please let her know our hearts and prayers are with her. j

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I am sooo sorry to hear of your friends tragedy. I can't even imagine. My own brother-in-law has been in Iraq since last November. He left his wife and three yr old son. My prayers go out to your friend and may God keep all of our servicemen and women safe and bring them all home soon.


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