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proctectomy/ileostomy complete

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My pa was dx with rectal ca June 2005. He had multiple scans and five weeks chemo/radiation. Surgery was done October 27, 2005, I just left my pa today.

My pa surgery was about 5 hrs. The surgeon told us it was a very difficult procedure and it took longer then planned. He lost about 1.5 units of blood. There was some suspicious lymph nodes they sent to pathology stat which came back negative. The rest of the specimen will be studied and we will recieve info in about 5 days.

I did leave the hospital last night only to discover my pa was having some bleeding from his stoma. The Dr. was observing him to find out the source. I jumped back in my car to the hospital. They applied a pressure dressing and it has slowed down. They are still watching him closely.
I ended up spending the night and leaving tonight.

He was sitting up today and They want him to start walking tomarrow. They will keep him for seven days. He is doing well so far.

I wanted to update everyone on his procedure. I want to thank everyone on this site for always responding to my questions and concerns.

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Thinking of you both and praying that everything works out just fine-

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I am glad you father is doing well. There are often some complications during this kind of surgery but, once they are sorted out, the patient is well on the road to recovery. It is great news that the lymph nodes came back negative. How wonderful it is that he has such a caring daughter to support him...that will continue to motivate him in his recovery.

Take care of yourself too,


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Hi. I am sorry you had a couple of scares during and immediately after the surgery -- but I am glad the surgery is completed and it sounds like he is doing well now. I remember (vividly!) having to get up and walking very shortly after the surgery. Ouch! But it is important. If at all possible, I would encourage him to walk as much as he can (or maybe I should say as he and his medical team feel he safely can) -- I believe this really aided my recovery.

Wishing you both all the best,

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HI! I had been wondering how you and your father were doing. It's good to get the surgery over and done with, and even better to have lymph nodes come back negative! Hopefully in a few weeks he'll be good as new. He's certainly fortunate to have you on his side.


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Make sure you tell your pa that we are all rooting for him. When one of us goes through something, we all do in a little way. Each day will lead towards greater things, I promise.

Take care,

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So glad the surgery is over.. and that you are taking a break from the hospital. It is sooo hard to go through. UGH - my surgery was 3 years, but I remember how tough it was and how important my family was for me during that time.

I hope he heals well and quickly and that the complications stop. May the lymph nodes remain negative.

Keep us up to date. Try to get well needed rest and relaxation so you can be there for your dad. Be well. I will put you and your dad into my prayer and wish list.


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