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Opinons Please

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Hi Everyone. My dad had his last chemo treatment yesterday. He had a cat scan in July which showed the tumors shrunk. (some in his lungs and one un operatable one in Abdomon) The Dr took him off oxiplitan in July because of bad rash. The last cat scan in October showed the tumors didnt shrink more but they also didnt grow. Of course Im mad beacuse I feel they should of shrunk more and they didnt because he was taken off Oxiplictan and never put on anything else but 5FU and Avastin. My question is when you all where finished with your chemo and your tumors did shrink what was the next step for you? Did you go on Xeloda or did you just wait another 3 months for a Cat Scan. Thank you all so much. Mindy

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Hi Mindy,
I'm sorry I don't have any opinion for Dad's situation but I'm curious to read everyones replies.
I also wonder how long they keep you on chemo, or how long someone can be on it.
I know how you feel about being mad that the tumors didn't shrink any more. My fathers tumors stayed the same after his first two months of chemo and he felt terrible every day being on it. Since his tumors stayed the same they are going to continue same chemo, F5U, Avastin, Levorican, and Campostar.
I'm hoping next scan he has some shinkage but since the first one didn't I don't know if it makes the odds of this happening lower or not.

Wishing the best for you and your Dad.

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