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Vegas update

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Hiya all. I phoned the Aladdin and got thru 7.30pm Vegas time. Kerry had a speaker phone set up so all could talk and hear. There were a lot of people in Kerry's room so there was lots of noise in the background but they sounded like one major party was happenin. I talked to Kay(kanort), Kerry, Merriman(Kerry's hubby)Lisa (Rose), Andy, (Lisa's hubby),Lisa(Scouty). I also talked to Jose and Dana from CSN Admin. and the CSN manager, Greta. I also talked to Molly and Karen from the "colander gals".I gotta admit 'ol kanga had the tissues ready..and used the odd one too!
Bob will be there tonight so I am going to phone again. I only hope he has something to wear that is a little suited to the surroundings..sorry Bob!...he!, he!.I will say hi to them from you all.
I am sure that they will enjoy the reunion but also I know that they will all have us in their thoughts.
For all those new to our family here know in your hearts that we all share a common bond. In time you will all become closer to us all.
huggs, kanga(Ross) and Jen

...gotta go now..must do some housework before I ring them again..for fear they will cyber see my messy kitchen...lol!

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Please tell them I said hello and I hope they are all having a great time, wish I was there too!


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Hello!!! Just got home from work and I was really glad to hear that you were able to call and chat with the crew!!! If you get in touch again later when you call, please say hello to everyone for me!!!! It is so GREAT to hear that everyone is having such a good time they all deserve it!!!! Thank You for the great news!!!


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I wish i was there. Please tell everyone that I said hi. I am sure that everyone is having a blast.

Maybe next time.......


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i'm probably too late for you to let them know i said "hi". !(@#&@&^# New England weather! 7 inches of heavy snow. No power in my house since 10/25/05 (it's 10/28!) and they tell me that we may not have it for 3 more days. Thank goodness for generators!
But i'm thinking of those guys in Vegas!

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Hiya Mary...yup...I figure that most of them will probably be back home in bed "sleeping it off" by now!!....he!he!
The staff at the Aladdin were great. I had no trouble getting thru to them on tha phone. I rang again on wednesday to see how their poor bodies were holding up with all the frivolities going on and also to get to talk to Sponger.I was just in time as I caught Bob as he walked into Kerry's room(geeeeezz Kerry, you had a lotta fella's in yah room those two nights...lol!)
Anyway...so glad they all were together to talk too. I gotta admit that I had the tissues handy here and I was a bit sad that Jen could not talk to them all as she was away working.
I guess we will all get the lowdown on the trip in the next few days.
..when they get over their "overhangs!"
cheers, Ross Jen

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