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Sudden Weight Loss Question...

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I have not posted in a while, have been just reading the boards lately .....but I have a question maybe someone can help me with.

Here is the background: my father has colon cancer /diagnosed with mets to 1/3 of the liver this summer. He goes for chemo every other week. After first 8 weeks on chemo the doc said no change in tumors on scan and said that was very good news, also no change in weight since the beginning.
Now only "two" weeks since the "no change" scan he has suddenly lost 7 pounds. He is not overweight and his weight was probably about normal at 170 or so.
He was very depressed when he heard this news and I don't know if the doctor said anything else about it but I was wondering if this is common or not.
I think he eating is about the same (according to my mother). Is this really bad news??

I know they say chemo can cause weight loss because your appetite changes but his first 8 weeks on chemo his weight stayed the same., now a sudden 7 pound drop which is probably about 5% of his body weight.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.


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Hi Sue, I just wanted to let you know that my dad lost over 20 pounds when he was on chemo and the dr said it was not from the chemo but they took him off oxalipin because he was gettting rashes and since then he has gained 9 pounds so I believe that chemo can make you lose weight so maybe thats why your dad is losing weight. Good luck

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Hi Sue,

I don't think the weight loss is a HUGE concern as this point. Obviously, if it continues at a constant rate, or if he begins to have other health concerns, definitely get it checked out. I remember I got down to about 102 pounds, and I'm 5' 7" tall, so it was pretty obvious! The nurse made me consult with a dietician, maybe a good choice for your dad?

I am happy to hear such good results from his treatments! Take each day as it comes, and before you know it, that diagnosis will seem millions of years in the past!

Have a great day,

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Hi Sue,
I am on chemo now -- don't know if it is the same "cocktail" as your father (I'm on FOLFOX) but I also have the chemo every other week.
I find I loose a little weight each cycle, and then I have to make a very conscious effort to put it back on (I'm trying to stay stable). This actually requires 'work' -- I have to 'remember' to have a snack between meals, and to eat some higher calorie foods. Once I moaned to my husband that I felt like I was eating normally/a lot and he said he did notice that I was eating less at each meal, altho I might not be aware of it.

This being said, I would encourage you to explore the whole issue further with his doctor/medical team, if it is troubling you. That is what they are there for!

Best wishes to you and your father.


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Thank you everyone for your input.
It seems like every little change brings me in a panic, maybe an unnecessary one.

Thanks again!

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