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!Please help me!

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I have a liver biopsy test coming up on Nov 2, not real nervous about that but I was just wondering what symtoms other people with liver cancer have felt, I just started to feel a sudden and sharp pain under the right side of my ribcage and it radiates to my shoulder funny thing is that it is real faint until I eat something. I have had high liver levels for about 7 years but now the numbers are triple what they are supposed to be. I am losing a little bit of weight and feel tired sometimes but no jaundice that I know of. all answers are appreciated. Thank you and GOD BLESS everyone.

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My wife had cancer in her liver 4.5 years ago. No jaundice either. First symptoms were a sore shoulder. Later she had blood clots in her legs, then pain in her side which over a couple of months became progressively worse. A CT Scan showed a large mass which a biopsy confirmed was cancerous. She also had a small suspicious spot on her lung which the doctors were fairly sure was also cancer (but that proved to be wrong, when we finally went elsewhere for a second opinion and for more aggressive treatment).

Fortunately, she's had surgeries -1st liver surgery which removed 70 % of her liver, (The liver does regenerate, so she now has a complete functioning liver) than 9 months later, surgery on a single metastic brain tumor.

She then had a single gamma knife radiation treatment to the spot on the brain where the tumor was, followed by 6 months of 5 FU Chemo to attempt to destroy any cells which might be elsewhere in her body. She has no signs of cancer now and is about 90 % of where she was before the cancer. She leads a normal life (drives, plays golf etc.). With the grace of God she will continue to remain well and cancer-free.

Hopefully, your biopsy will not show cancer, but if it does I would treat consider serious prayer and seek aggressive treatment from the established medical community...but seek more than one opinion. The first oncologists we consulted (with a nationally-known medical facility) were giving us a very bad prognosis and at first quite conservative in their recommended (no surgery and chemo with very little encouragement).

It was only after we decided to seek another opinion that they consulted with their own surgical staff about possible surgery.

At that point we went elsewhere, and I believe that had we not she might not have survived.

God bless. I'll say a prayer for you.

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We live in Australia but talk to Mayo Clinic - which clinic did you go to for "another opinion" and treatment that led to good results - pinefrost in Australia

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Hi, I had liver cancer which came from a metast. from my Colon Cancer. I had no jaundice. I had lost of appetite could go all day without being hungry(sp). I did loss a little weight. I also had a servere pain on my right side under my rib cage once or twice, enough to wondered if I had injuried my self but knew I didn't. Had Cat Scan Biopsy and I believe Pet scan- boy how fast I forget. I think I thought I had gallbladder problems but I was wrong. Had liver resection last Oct.20th,2004 chemo for 6 months. By the way my gallbladder was removed at time of the liver resction. so I don't have to worry about that any more. At present cancer free. Thank God.

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I'm a liver metastasis guy too. To this date I've had 70+ chemo sessions, Liver Biopsy and 2 Hepatic Artery Embolizations. Next month I'm scheduled for Liver Resection and RF Ablation. They'll also resect primary tumor in colon as well. I'm an old pro at this whole liver cancer thing. If your liver biopsy turns up positive, most likely you'll be doing torso Octreotide scans and cat-scans. The scans are painless. Although, the Octreotide scan can take quite a while. If you have any questions, just shoot me a message/email through this forum. Take care.

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My liver biopsy was set for November 2nd but had to push back the testing to This Tuesday, Nov 15, I was wondering what it felt like to have a guided liver biopsy. I was told that it was gonna be done with a ultrasound????? I don't get it, so if anyone has been throught this please let me know what to expect. Thanks again and Prayers to all of you.

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