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New memeber

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Mar 28/05 surgery for gall bladder problems?? Emergency surgery Apr 28 for blocked bowel, subtotal colectomy done. dx stage III cancer, 2 of 27 lymph nodes involved. I have just finished #5/6 treatments. Although dr. feels my prognosis is good, I am well aware of the nasty monster re-occurring and would like to enhance my chances of beating this thing. Looking for a website? or info? on a good healthy cancer diet and other alternatives to augment my chemo.

My thoughts and prayers are with you all and thanks for such a great site.

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Welcome to the group!! Even though we all wish that you didn't have to be here!! I was a caregiver and know that as far a healthy diet there is only one person whom I would recommend you contact. That is Emily!!!! Just post a note looking for her and her help with the juicing and she will do her best!! She is a survivor!!!!!!! The people here are GREAT and with their help you will get through this!!!!

Best of Luck and Fight this Monster with everything you have!!!!!


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Welcome to our world. I am a stage 3 survivor also. It has been a long and rocky road but I am here and living life to the fullest. On the bottom of your screen click on page two and there is a post about many survivors. It was started by Kanga. You can post all your questions, concerns, etc. This is a great site.


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Welcome to the "family".There are lots of ways to improve your diet and I agree with Sue. I know Emily(our a la naturale guru) will be able to give you more info than I. I know Em has been pretty busy lately but am sure she will respond to you. Scouty(Lisa) is also an advocate for natural foods however she is at our "semi-colon" reunion in Vegas at the moment.Both of them are juicing fanatics and are doing very well. If you do not get a reply from them, try posting again with a topic heading...say.."natural remedies/alternatives" prior to this weekend.
In the meantime you could browse thru recent topics..there are many in the past weeks concerning nutrition.Don't go too far away now..I am sure you will get some answers.
kanga n Jen

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Nice talking to you yesterday in Vegas via telephone! Sorry, though, I just really couldn't bring myself to hug the phone...at least not in a room full of people! Your voice is exactly how I imagined it! Maybe Colon Palooza 3 will be in Aussie! I would LOVE the chance to meet both you & Jen in person!


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Aw Stacey.....ah'll forgiv yah sweetie!! I know that you had a busy day winning a coin or two. I guess that you were just "overwhelmed" by my attmpts to give yah a cyber hugg!!...lol!
Thats ok gal...maybe one day we will meet...then I can do it in person!
Hey...yah better check your emails gal for a special message.
love Ross n Jen

ps...See Shoda.......some wonderfull people on here..hang about and get to know them all.

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