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My husbands ultrasound and colonoscopy today, and CT scan three weeks ago show NED. Thank God. Also I really want to thank you guys for your support and prayers.
My husband was dx in Oct 03, had rad/chemo, transanal excision surgery Feb 04, chemo (xeloda) for four months and has now been NED for 1 year 8 months.
All of you just starting this journey, keep praying and stay positive. You can beat this.
God bless,

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Kaye - that is so great.

You and all the other NED folks give me hope.

I was diagnosed 5/05, had colon surgery 6/05 which found me to be stage IV with one liver met.

After two chemo cycles (Xeloda, oxaliplatin and Avastin) I was NED according to PET/CT on 8/26. But with such a new diagnosis, it is hard to believe that NED is really NED and not just NED that they can find! So you longer term NED folks really give me hope.

I go for 5th chemo cycle on Nov 7 and then probably nothing until scan in early January. Makes me nervous not being treated - can't win since I also hate the chemo.

Thanks to all survivors for the support you provide here daily - even when you don't know whom you are supporting!


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Betsydoglover-I know just how you feel.I have a secondary tumour which could not be operated on until it was shrunk by treatment.It was discovered in Jan,2005,and I was given a very similar regime [without Avastin].The peripheral neuropathy caused by the oxaliplatin was horrible,and I had palmar-plantar syndrome in my feet caused by the Xeloda.That was so painful I could barely walk!But then the kind and wonderful people at the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton[U.K.]tweaked my dose and it solved those problems rapidly.It has been very effective against the tumour-CAT,MRI and PET scans all showed a significant shrinkage.I'm now due to go into the same hospital to have a hysterectomy and creation of a stoma,which should get rid of it once and for all.So please don't worry-I've heard great things about the Avastin,and if given in combination with the chemo,it is even more effective.My thoughts are with you.

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Yea!!!! Horray!!!! congratulations!!!!!


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Kaye!! I am incredibly happy for both of you. I hope that you can plan a little get-away or just something nice to allow enjoyment of this great news. All the best - Maura

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Fantastic!!!!! My boyfriend is also NED- hope he stays with us forever!!

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Congrats to you both Kaye...now go and celebrate in fashion....do something together that will remind you always that NED is with you.
kanga n Jen

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Thanks for sharing your awesome news of your hubby's! There are SO many success stories here and every one has an impact on someone at some point. I was stage 4, and have been clear for 4 yrs now...there is hope!

Take care and keep up the wonderful progress!


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Hi Faye,
I am so happy to hear your wonderful news! Congratulations. Keep up the good work .

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