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back from vacation

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Hi everyone,
I just got back from my first cruise. I had a wonderful time and was able to relax! The time flew by.
My ct results of my abdomen were normal. Finally some good news!
Now it's back to reality and getting rid of cancer. I'm getting my port tomorrow and starting chemo next week. While I'm not looking forward to it, it will be a relief to feel like I'm doing something proactive.
Thanks to everyone who replied to my post on folfox. I feel like I now know what to expect. I'll hold off on getting a wig and see what happens. It doesn't sound like I'll need one.
Stay positive and have a great day!

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I am glad that you had a great vacation. We went on our first cruise in March. It was awesome.

I wish all the best as you begin your new treatments.


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Hello! I'm glad that you got away and had a GREAT time!!!! Recharging your battery is the best medicine you can give yourself!!!!! Good luck with the port installation and the chemo!!!! Hang in there and give this Monster a big kick in the a-- for me and everyone else!!!!

Best Wishes coming your way!!!!


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Hi Jamie. Nice to hear that you had some R n R before you tackle the heavy stuff. Let us know how you cope and don't be bashfull about coming and venting if that chemo crap gives you hell.
Thinkin of yah, Ross n Jen

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I am so glad your trip went well! You deserve it more than anyone I know at this time. I'm also really happy your results came back fine. I know you will get through this...as I always say, FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION!

Take care,


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Hi Jamie,
I am super glad to hear that your scan was clear. I am really happy for you. I am glad your vacation went well too. I hope things are a little smoother for you now that you have that good news to put in your back pocket. Have a day!

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