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thank you all for your support

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Hi Everyone, So nice to see the notes left and recieve the email. God bless you all!

I have an appointment to see the Gyn/Onc on November 10th. After the results hit me I had a good cry and now ready for the next leg of this journey, sure does take you on quite a ride sometimes.

It was hard to digest how the cancer could be so many places and not just read in the report the metastatic cancer but a malignancy in my pelvic area. My Dr was just in there the first of August. Oh well, Praise the Lord life goes on, and inspite of all the cancer, brings a person many joys.

I am ready to start my Christmas shopping and this year it worked out that everyone can come on Christmas day. That hasn't happened in awhile.

Love and Prayers to all! You are all such an inspiration. Love & Prayers BonnieRose

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Way to go! Christmas shopping so early. I'm inspired! But I'm more inspired by your strength and courage through all of this. Please update after your appointment. Who knows, maybe you will get some encouraging words to digest this time. Till then, hugs and prayers.

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