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Treatment for Metastatic PC

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My name is Mike A. I'm 57 yrs.old and have had prostate cancer for four years. Lupron worked well for two years, also with use of Casodex. I've had various standard chemotherapies, including Taxotere, which worked for about nine months, Mitoxantrone, which worked for four months, and BMS, an experimental drug which worked for two months. Most recently, I had Aurora Kinase inhibitor, which worked for two months. My cancer has been metastatic to the bone for two years. I've also had radiation to the spine three times with good success, luckily. My question is, does anyone have any recommendations for either standard medical treatments or alternative treatments? As you can see, treatments are working less and less.

Thanks for any input,


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Mike, I also have prostate bone mets (right shoulder, neck, spine, a few ribs, and pelvis). I just started infusions with Zometa. It's not a chemo, but administered exactly like chemo. The stuff supposedly neutralizes the action of metastases to break down bone matter and helps increase bone density, though not necessarily reversing the process.

I was diagnosed in 2001, had a failed cryoablation, then was treated by M.D. Anderson-Houston. Gleason 3+4/4+3 = 7. However, like you and due to my relatively young age, I was placed on a Casodex-only protocol, known in Europe as "bicalutamide monotherapy." No side effects worth mentioning and no bone pain. I was on Casodex-only for 2-years, but it has demonstrated a refractory response for the last few months with PSA rising to the current 51.4. My PSA was 142.2, but dropped to 11 within 16-days with 50mg Casodex only. The recent rises in PSA triggered the need for Zometa infustions.


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Thanks for all of this great information. First time on site. My Dad, 74 was diagnosed 4 weeks ago with bone mets from previous pc. CT scan shows mets in spine, pelvis area and slight on skull. He has had one round of radiation to the spine and has had some pain relief. He is weak now but seems to be gaining strength. We are all sick with worry. Doctors are awaiting another psa test in 2 weeks or so. His last reading was 67 which was a jump from 33. Not too sure what they injected into him but is supposed to help increase bone density. sure sounds like Zometa. How are you doing??

Thanks again

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Hi Mike,

My husband had it spread to the bone as well. They gave him chemo and zometa which helps protects your bones from breaking. The chemo when he had it on a regular bases worked but he had to stop each time they had to do rads. So speak with your dr. and ask what they can do in the area of chemo and zometa. Good luck and best wished

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