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Thank-you soooo much Kanga!!

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Hey Kanga man...Xena here. I want to say thanks to you and all that posted from your thread on 10-22. It inspired me so much that I cried (happy tears) and printed out the entire thread to pin up on my wall! If it inspired me.. I can only imagine how many others it inspired not to give up and to hold onto the hope and belief that yes, we can win it! As you know... I'm a warrior anyway and a very positive person, but your posting and the reply's just makes me stronger. Thanks again to all of you for inspiring the rest of us!

Hugggs and prayers that you all continue to stay healthy and embrace life! ~ Xeeena (aka Wanda)

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Hiya Warrior gal.....aww...I have this soft spot when I worry bout yous all, specially our new friends here. Just thought they all oughta know bout al of our NEDS here and the guys n gals that anchor this site with stories of years+ NED.
Having said that I believe at the moment that Ron50 is our guru of many, many, many years.
What say you Ron??......and a fair dinkum ozzie too!

Wanda...here's a hugg for yah,

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Hi Kanga,
The secret of my survival is soooo simple, my dear wife Susan said that if I dared to die of cancer she would deadset kill me. Just being a good obedient hubby:). Ron.

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Hi I am Virginia from Northland NZ, and I had a hemicolectomy and liver resection for mets in December 1993 and I am still alive and kicking. There is hope for everyone!

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