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Hi everyone,

It's been awhile since I logged on. The wedding kept be very busy I guess. Thank you so much for the wedding wishes that was posted a couple weeks ago. I am in Bora Bora right now but I will see some of you in Vegas soon!

mrs. littlejulie :)

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Dear Mrs. LittleJulie,

Congratulations once again. We look forward to seeing you in Vegas. We will be meeting at 6:30pm until whenever in the suite, check at the desk under my name when you arrive for information.

See you soon.


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Hey Jules..we hope that you are enjoying married life. Congratulations! BTW...don't take any flack from hubby..trust me, I am one...he!he!...jest kiddin! Have a great time in Vegas.

Kerry...was that?
You will all be meeting in suits?
Have you really got your name printed on the desk at the Alladin? lol!

geeeeeez....caint read right...now where's me specks?

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Joined: Jan 2003

Yep, Kanga - we are meeting in suits and might just dance on the tables before the night is over. We will miss you though - but you won't be far from our thoughts.


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