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"there is LIFE after being dx'd!!!!!

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Hi all...this topic is for ALL who are NED right now. Please post your NED status and the length of time you have been blessed with meeting him. I have posted this here to give our friends and newbies a glimmer of hope. There are many of us that are doing well, but not everyone here is able to keep track of the many of us that are winning the battle. It can be won! So c'mon everyone, list your NED status for all to see that cancer can be defeated!

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Posts: 2115
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Dx'd Aug. 2003, stage 2, 2/3 bowel blockage, Descending colon/sigmoid resected, no node involvement, 6 months 5Fu/Leuc.
NED.....1 year, 9 months.....yaaay! Doing great!

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Dx'd July 2003, with StageIV colon cancer with 2 lymph nodes, surgery, colostomy, radiation, chemo for 7 mos. with 5FU, oxillaplatin, leucovorin. Then a colostomy reversal in Jan 2005. NED since April 2004, feeling great!!!


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Hello KangaMan!

DX March 2004 Stage 3 Rectal Cancer. Possible 2 Node involvement. 6 weeks Chemoradiation, Surgery to remove 95% of rectum, 1 foot of colon, ovaries and tubes ( oh my!), follow up 6 months of chemo ( 5FU and Leukovorin ).
NED ( no evidence of disease ) 1 year, 3 months and 28 days!

Feeling pretty good. Chemo sucks. Ruined my body, but I'm alive and loving every minute of it!

Barb ( who really wishes she could go to Vegas and meet everyone! )

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Dxd Jan 1998,stage 3 colon 6 lymph nodes cancerous ,lost most of my descending colon ,started on 5Fu leucovorin finished on 5Fu +levamisol total of 48 sessions over 12 mos , ned 7 years 9mos. Working harder than ever.

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Dx at the tender, yet experienced, age of 33, on Oct 3, 2001 @ 9:30 AM (details,details! lol) with Stage 4 colon cancer with 2 lymph nodes, and I'll raise you a liver mets. Rec'd pre-surgery chemo and radiation, successful surgery resulting in losing 40% of liver (STILL IN THE LEAD WHILE KEEPING 60% THOUGH!). 6 months additional chemo, ileostomy reversal Sept 13, 2002 (which was FRIDAY THE 13TH!)...

(there is a drumroll sound here)

NED 4 yrs as of Oct 3, 2005!

Stacy, who not only IS a pain in the butt, but also HAD one! lol

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I was diagnosed with stage 3 rectal cancer on 3/17/03. Yes that is St. Patricks Day and my mother was a Murphy.

Preop chemo and radiation, LAR with temp. ileostomy on 6/26/03. I use that as the starting date when I became cancer free.
Reversal on 8/18/03.

Only 4 more chemo treatments, diarrhea so bad I had to be hospitalized and chemo stopped.
I continued with dysfunctional BM's and colostomy was done 1/14/05. Life is better now, really.

I had a postop lieus after each surgery and many small bowel obstructions for a total of 11 hospital admissions.

Cancer free since 6/26/05 ----- 2years and almost 4 months.

And while doing all of the above I did not miss a beat and worked full time except for hospitalizations and recovery from surgeries.

Next CAT scan 11/2/05 and I am keeping my fingers crossed.


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Dxed February 26th 2004 Stage IV rectal cancer with 2 mets to my liver and 1 to my left lung. Surgery not an option so 8 months of chemo (Oxil w/ Leucovorin, Avastin, and 46 hr drip of 5FU). Decent shrinkage of all tumors at first but the last 4 months of chemo nothing changed. I chose to stop chemo and found a naturopathic doctor to help me with alternatives. Started juicing, eating only organic and natural foods, and taking some vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements Nov. 14th 2004. NED July 22nd 2005, just 3 months ago. A flex sig with biopies showed the original rectal tumor to be completely gone with no surgery.......who'd have thunk!!!!!!!! Now, a year after my last chemo treatment a little sensory neuropathy left in my feet, menopause, and an occasional bout of chemo brain are the only obvious side effects of the chemo.

Lisa P.

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Lisa,I am very interested about the Dr/Alternative treatment you went through. I was Dx'ed Oct 2000 with stage III Colorectal at the ripe age of 32. Lung mets at 33 and again at 34. Went 2 years clean then just this past week discovered Liver and intestinal mets. Starting FOLFOX 6 with Avastin on the 1st of Nov. I want to augment the traditional therapy with homeopathic therapies. I welcome any and all suggestions!!! And remember...........Cancer schmanster

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Lisa Rose
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Dx'd with rectal cancer March 5, 2002...

My surgery took place March 20,2002. 18 inches of colon was removed and 10 positive lymph nodes.... Treatment 5-FU for 6 month's & 28 radiation treatments.

NED 3 years, 7 months & 3 days


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Diagnosed May 11, 2005, 35 years old, with stage IV, two large colon masses and five liver mets. Had total colectomy and, so far, eight chemotherapy cycles (four more to go). After cycle six, a PET/CT scan showed the liver mets had disappeared and there are no new masses. Chemo continues to minimize the chances of recurrence (I hate that word).

I want for everyone's cancer to disappear!


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Dxd December 19, 2002, stage 3 with 2 nodes positive. Had surgery Dec. 21, 2002,(spent Christmas in the hospital), began chemo Jan. 14, 2003. Had 6 months of CPT 11, 5FU, Leucovorin. Was NED as of July, 2003. Had recurrance Nov. 2004 - no liver or lung involvement, just a few nodes showed on the PET Scan. Went back on chemo Dec. 1, 2004, Oxaliplatin and Zeloda for 4 months. Scans came back NED, but doctor kept me on a maintenance program of Xeloda/Celebrex. Still on maintenance as of Oct. 2005 and will be for approx. another year. Hoping to once again meet NED soon.


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Dxd October 29th, 2004 with stage II (tumor at appendix junction of colon); turned into stage III Nov 15th when surgery revealed three positive nodes(of 17).
Started chemo Jan 20, 2005 with 5FU bolus, Leucovorin and Oxalyplatin and 46 hr drip of 5FU. Stopped chemo in May when liver became impacted with chemo-drugs. Immediately started cleaning out liver with supplements and nutritional support; brought blood tests into awesome form within 6-8 weeks!!!
June CT/ Chest X-ray showed same liver spots (too small to biopsy and unchanged since Nov 2004) and lungs clear. June CEA very low and true for my body; July, Aug, and Sept ultrasounds show nothing in reproductive organs or abdomen; two of three spots on liver can now be categorized as fluid-filled cycts (and a possible hemangioma); July colonoscopy clear; ecco cardiogram showing no adverse effects from chemo (one hopes)......December MRI and CEA scheduled to continue this spy-process.
So, from dx, coming up on a year clean -- although, I don't think of my year beginning at my dx (chemo hit me so hard that I really doubt cancer cells could have really been doing much thriving -- I certainly wasn't); I really do think of my year beginning in mid-August and into Sept: my port removal, my liver-spots being characterized, my head clearing from ending a really bad relationship and a new life really beginning......
Now being recruited away for an incredible job (after not being allowed or able to work for a year); able to swim, hike and enjoy the gorgeous area where I live; and, in January, able to resume my graduate studies....
After a hard year.....I am finally takin' in some genuine enjoyment -- and lovin' it. All the best -- Maura

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Diagnosed 2/04 with Stage 4 with 8/25 nodes positive and 2-3 small liver tumors. Colon surgery 3/04, seven months of FOLFORI and Avastin. Radiofrequency Ablation in October 2004 and NED since. Going for scans (PET and CT scans) tomorrow. Mike

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Best of luck to you, tomorrow, Mike. Hope you can very soon post another NED.

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Good luck Mike. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
Len & Cath

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Yes there is truly life after dx'd. Iam livin proof. Dx 1999 October 18th breast cancer insitu. Left lumpectomy no chemo or radiatioin started on Tamoxifen. Ned until February 2001 Colon Cancer stage 3 2 pos nodes, Left hemi-colectomy,6mos leucov 5fu and radiation treatment Ned- 2004 late August early September dx. Colon Cancer that metast. to my Liver- Large mass right lower lobe. Liver resection October 20th 2004 stayed 2 days in hospital 30 percent of liver removed. Started on Folfox 5fu leucov. oxailplatin for 6 months and Avastin added toward the end due to having had a bowel perforation in May 25th 2004 from a dialation of my intestines while having a colonoscopy. Dr. wasn't sure it was safe at first since there is a slim chance of bowel perforation with Avastin. So that how I ended up with my colostomy. Only been NED since August-2005 but it has been a long battle and I know I have fought a good fight. GOD IS GOOD. Just Livn

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My mom was diagnosed March 2 2004 with Stage 3 rectal cancer. She had 5 weeks of radiation and chemo to be followed by surgery where they removed the tumor and one postive node. She then had 6 more session of chemo that was interupted by a blockage but she bounced back! Her surgery was July 8th so I consider her to be One year and 3 months cancer free! Her brother, my uncle died of colon cancer 5 and a half years ago. It took me a long time to learn that it's not always a death sentance. It can be beaten and my mom did it!

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My boyfriend was diagnosed with colon cancer in Nov 04- had 6 inches of colon removed and temporary illiostomy.Started chemo- 5FU and CPT 11. Scan on June 10 05 showed mets to liver and possible lung met.Upgraded to stage 4. Started Erbitux combined with CPT11. Scan at end of August 05- NED!! Doc couldn't believe it. Still on Erbitux combined with Xeloda. Working full time and feeling great.

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Diagnosed Dec 2002 with rectal cancer. Age 44. Stage 3, 1 lymph node affected. Chemoradiation followed by surgery followed by chemo. I was NED for 2 yrs but then had a small lung tumor in April 2005. Had surgery, now on chemo. I have been NED this time for 5 mos (counting since lung surgery). LIVE STRONG.

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Hi Kanga, I am in NZ right at the top! Diagnosed 1993-- Right hemicolectomy and Liver resection for one large met-- Still here 12 years later! Virginia.

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hey semis!

Dx'ed 8/6/01 (two days after the 9year anniversary of my sister's death from intestinal cancer)

Stage III sigmoid colon cancer 2/19 lymph pos zero mets

Age: 39

Wife, mother of 5, youngest 20 months old and still nursing.

Successful resection no bag thank god.

Decided to heal/cure my dang cancer with Alternatives after watching sister, grandfather, aunt all die of various cancers post chemo/rads. Was MORE scared of the chemo than the cancer. No lie.

Started researching like a woman on a mission and did major diet changes, (macrobiotics), juicing (3 qts/day) added supplements and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Resolved toxic relationships. Grew bold and courgageous to speak up and out. Hung onto Jesus for life. Quit feeling guilty for not going to church and went canoeing instead. Started doing yoga again.

Hung out in the CSN Chatroom nightly until the new computer system booted me off (still can't figure out how to reconfigure my system...).

Ended up spending my time on the boards instead and nagging everyone about no sugar and more veggies.

Celebrated my FOUR years of NED in august and NO CHEMO!!!!.

To date: 4 yrs 3 months NED!!!

have met so many wonderful semi-colons on here over the years. Love you all.

peace, emily who is totally bummed she didn't see this post until today which is waaaay after the party is over. dang.

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