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I dont understand these 'stages

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Can someone please explain, i see numbers and stages etc and am bewildered, any and ll information gladly recieved
love and light

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Stage I is the lowest, and least invasive, cancer stage. Stage IV is the highest, and most invasive, cancer stage. These "stage" numbers are used to track the advancement of cancer to gauge treatments/prognosis options. Example: Stage IA would be an isolated, single tumor which can be removed via surgery or shrunken via radiation or chemotherapy -- a stage IV would be a cancer that has spread to other parts of the body that cannot be cured but, may be succesfully managed for a certain period of time. Hope this will help you.

Regards, Madelyn

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Hi Feyona, Go to www.cancerguide.org. The site has information and explanations regarding staging. Good Luck. Ernie

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Hi again Feyona. The stages can be both frightening and confusing. No matter what we are told by a person or persons, M.D. or otherwise, someone always offers a story about beating the odds. It happens every day. I was diagnosed as nsclc, stage 3a, inoperable and incurable. With aggressive treatment, - chemo and radiation, they were able to shrink the tumor and remove it (along with 40% of my right lung) and kill the rest of the cancer cells in my body. I am 4 years post-surgery, and I am cancer free. Go figure. Anything is possible, concerning this disease, so learn as much as you can, - get involved in treatment decisions, and BELIEVE! This can be beaten. Ernie

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