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Good Reads

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Jana had a great idea about us posting some of our favorite books. I will start the thread and feel free to join in. Please add the title, author and something about the books that have helped you during your cancer experiences.

"Beating Cancer With Nutrition" by Patrick Quillan. He is the Director of Nutrition for the Cancer Treatment Centers of America. The book is very detailed about the healing powers of food and also recommends foods to avoid so you frustrate the cancer cells. It's all about making their lives miserable within your body so they can be killed off by your own immune system instead of multiplying.

"How to Prevent and Treat Cancer with Natural Medicine" by Dr. Michael Murray (and 3 others). It is a great book and Dr. Jana thinks so too!!! It explains ways to complement chemo and radiation as well as tips on what to do before and after surgery so you can recover the quickest. I sincerly hope it is a sign of the direction that medicine will take in the near future, a combination of natural medicine with oncology.

"The Maker's Diet" by Jordan Rubin. A great book that gives the very best explanation of how the stomach and digestive systems work, specifically the colon. Even I could understand it. He talks at length about only eating the foods that God recommends in the Bible, he even quotes the scriptures.

I will add a new tune I love. Melissa Ethridge (Stage II breast cancer survivor and rocker) wrote a song about her cancer experience. I cried like a baby the first time I heard it when she was on Oprah recently. It is on her latest CD released October 1st. The title of the song is "I Run For Life". Everytime I listen to the song, I get something different from it. It was almost painful to listen to the first time, but now it makes me want to pump my fists and fight harder.

Add your books!!!!!! Songs too if you like!!!!!!

Lisa P.

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Hey Lisa.

Did you catch the Melissa special on Lifetime? I think? It was about her and her battle with breast cancer. And of course, her music. OMG, I cried thru most all of it. And that clip of her at the Grammy's! Damn, that is one powerful woman!!!

My pic for reading is the monthly Publication Alternative Medicine. A fantastic magazine that has a wealth of information.

Check it out. This is a link that will show you a little about it. : http://www.alternativemedicine.com/am/staticpages/static.jsp?pagename=OURMAGAZINE


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I saw Melissa on Dateline NBC, and was very, very impressed with her. I also saw Saturday Night Live last night on NBC, and they had one of their "commercials" on recovering from "butt cancer" and, I have to admit, it was very funny.


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