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Another sappy day

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Today I went with my youngest son who is now a senior in high school to look at a college for Sept. He was only 14 and a freshman in high school when I joined this colon cancer club. I have been through so much in the 2 1/2 years since my diagnosis of stage 3 rectal cancer.

To all the newbies --- it does get better. I am cancer free at the moment, but I know that could change. My next scan is 11/3 and I find out the results of my genetic testing on 11/18. I am anxoius about both. I remember when I was diagnosed I came to this site and wanted to hear that I was going to get through it. Well I have, and you will get through it also.

To everyone still struggling with this terrible disease, I think of you all often and keep you in my heart and prayers.


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Well said Maureen. Congratulations on meeting NED.
mmmmm.....food for thought here. It may well be time and worthwhile that we start a new topic for our friends here who are now NED.
I think I will do just that!
huggs to ya babe.....Ross n Jen

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Hey Maureen, How are you?

We are doing the college thing too. My how time flys! Getting anymore gray hairs, yet? My daughter gives me a bunch everyday she doesn't fill out her applications!!!!! :)

Stage 3 here, too. NED ROCKS!!

Barb ( who was in a very dark and lonely place just a few months ago. ( 1year and 4 months). This place saved my soul and my mind. I only hope I can help someone as these great people helped me.

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Hey Maureen!
We love sappy stories! I'm so happy that you are doing well and able to go with your son to check out those colleges. You have been through a lot, and you deserve this. ENJOY!

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so glad you have the opportunity to worry about non health problems. I hope you son has a blast picking out a college - and that you find peace in his selection. :)

Best of luck with all the incoming results... try not to stress!! Take care. jana

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Hi Maureen,
You and I are not far apart on a few things in this journey!....we just got back from Parents' Weekend, visiting my son who is a freshman, and was a junior when I was diagnosed. We did some college visits right after chemo ended, and I was so overcome with emotion at times: grateful to come as far as I had, hoping the future would hold good things for us. A year plus later, it has all worked out so far. I have my annual colonoscopy next month, and my 6 month CT scan. My appt last week was good, with a low CEA continuing. I also know this can change at any moment, but for now life is good and I am thankful for every day.
This site has been a godsend for me; knowing so many people here has made the whole experience so much more managable.
Continued good wishes to all, Judy

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