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I Can't Chew Cookbook is a life saver!

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The I Can't Chew Cookbook is great! It saved my husband when he started eating again. He had to have all his teeth pulled so he couldn't chew and after neck radiation he couldn't swallow. This book has everything from drinks, to main courses, to desserts. I got it from the library but ended up buying it. If you are just starting out with mouth or throat issues it is worth your while to get this book. (No I am not the author!):)

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my husband is currently undergoing neck radiation. almost done. do you mean that swallowing gets worse after your finished?? He is having a hard time now, but managing. Food has absolutely no taste and mouth is extremely sore.

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I hate to burst your bubble but the two to three weeks after treatment were the worst for me. That's when I lost most of my weight. Hang in there it'll get better!

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