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donating hair for wigs

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My aunt has lung cancer and will start chemo at the end of the month. I have very long hair and would like to find an organization that accepts hair donations for chemo survivors' wigs. Does anyone know of one for adults? Otherwise, I'll be donating to Locks of Love for kids. Thanks!
Jenny B

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Hi, Check with the Cancer Society. SOmetimes they provide wigs for adults.

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Wanting to donate your hair to adults is wonderful! I donate to locks of love. My stylist asked me if I wanted to donate their organization. I'd say ask your stylist, she may know of someone.

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i have a disease called alopecia i have no hair on my body i cant find anything like support groups to help me. nobody donates wigs unless its cancer im desperate

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bid4rm,my wife has a wig that she wore twice.If you are still looking I will try to get some info on the style,size ets and post it. Hope this helps,dave

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PANTENE! That's where I got my human hair wig. The American Cancer Society knows about the program. It's wigs for adults. I still have mine. Otherwise, contact Pantene.

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I was wondering if you ever did find a place to send your hair for your aunt. A friend's mom is going through Chemo, and I wanted to donate my hair so they can make a wig for her.


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I specifically joined CSN to comment on this emotional support message board.

I had lost my grandmother to cancer earlier this month. She had used wigs to disguise her pain and would rarely step out of her house unless she had one of her wigs on.She loved my hair. Though I can no longer give it to her, I want my hair donation to go to someone as beloved and inspiring to his/her family as my grandmother was to me and mine.

I searched through several websites and, of course, came across the popular Locks of Love program. I found that they not only provide wigs to a limited age range (up to 21 years old) but are not affiliated with the American Cancer Society. People of any age can suffer from cancer.

I had a wonderful hairdresser cut 11-inches of my hair into two ponytails this afternoon to donate to the ACS via the Pantene Pro-V Beautiful Lengths program.

Here's the website: http://www.pantene.com/en-US/beautiful_lengths.jspx.

"Live freely. Love much. Laugh often."

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Locks of Love is a wonderful program. I have a son who just turned 18 in Feb. but in honor of his brother surviving cancer he grew his hair out not once but TWICE and donated 16 inches both times to this program. Our hairdresser told us boys donating their hair is really rare but since they seldom dye or fry their hair it makes for a great donation. Now I am facing the loss of mine and he wants to donate again. I told him I am grateful for just having him in my life and him being my caregiver and be so unselfish that we would just go buy me a ball cap. LOL....he is a die-hard Packer fan and so of course he thought that was what I should get. Thank you for the info where I can contact in case I change my mind. As for my son, he is once again growing his hair for his next donation.

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I have a funny story - as I was diagnosed with cancer and going through surgeries and treatments, my 24 year old son began to look quite shabby. He looked like he was really letting himself go. Now he was in several bands, so I thought he was really trying to look the part. I hounded him continuously to clean up his appearance and he just brushed me off. One year after my diagnosis, he came to me and said "say goodbye to this hair. It's driving me crazy!" He went and had 4 9inch pony tails cut off and donated it to Pantene Beautiful. He read about them online and they accepted less inches than Locks of Love. Here all along he had plans to do this while I lost my hair and went through all the hell. I had no idea. I cried with him as we mailed his hair off and I have never been so proud of my son as I was that day! I love you Christopher!

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I read about Locks of love I have donated twice to them 14 inhes the first time and 12 this last time. They will take 10 iches but they also sell the hair , not all hair is used , they do use the money to help with cost of making wigs.
I think The Pantene Beautiful is great I wish I had known I would have donated the hair to them. Oh well next time!

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I wish i can help you but i don't know if is possible to donate hair, i heard about money donations, the possibility to donate land , or singing for charity.

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I have a few months to go before my hair is long enough to donate. I am wondering if there is an organization you would recommend. I would be most interested in donating my hair to young adults. Any suggestions? I read about locks of love and Pentene. I also read some horror stories about people who have donated their hair to find out that their hair was sold and not given to someone in need and now I am a bit uncomfortable, but still willing to donate to a good charity. Please let me know where I can give my hair to someone who needs it!

Also, I have two therapy dogs! I know that pets can bring comfort and joy to those in pain. Does anyone have a special place in mind that I can bring my therapy dogs to? I live in the western suburbs just outside of Chicago.

Thank you.

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Hi Jenny,

I can understand what is exactly going with your aunts health. You can find organizations which excepts hair donations for chemo survivors but I also have heard about breast cancer treatment it has helped my friends uncle from lungs cancer. Donating hair can be easy but before that if you look forward with your aunt helping her fight with the disease you would be the motivating factor for your aunt.

Best of luck.

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If you are interested I would have no problem giving them to you for just the shipping/mail cost. They are blonde and short so they don't weigh much, shouldn't be much money to ship.
Let me know, I would love them to go to a good person/cause.
take care.
-c smith

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