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Markers rising and pet ct scan

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Hi everyone, just an update. My tumor markers were up the first of October so a pet/ct scan was scheduled. Unfortunately I just got the report in the mail and there is way more cancer activity. They wanted to schedule an appointment for me to see the Dr sooner than Dec 8, but I asked to wait until I read the report. It appears it will be chemo again. I am calling to schedule an appointment to sit down with my oncologist and find out what the next line of attack will be. I was hoping I would not have to do this so soon. Some days I wonder how long a person can continue to do chemo, but know it is not time to give up yet. I read this board daily and see so many people at different stages with this disease and so grateful to read the posts of those that have beat it completely.

Well just wanted to share with everyone where I am at right now. Prayers and Hugs to all.


PS I am doing something fun tomorrow, several of the grandkids and a couple nieces are coming out and carving pumpkins. Happy Halloween to all!

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Bonnie, I'm so sorry. How high is your CA-125? Grandkids are great! I have one here with me now. She is a little bit sick so she can't go to school. I am so glad I can help and I love for any of them to be here. Have fun tomorrow!You will be in my prayers. Wishing you the very best take care! Paula

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Hi Bonnie, I'm new here but not to ovarian cancer and chemo. I had ovarian cancer surgery and 6 chemo treatments in 2001 and just completed my second round of 6 treatments for a metastisis to the liver. The important thing is that the chemo worked and it worked fast, lowering the ca 125 from 34 to 2 in 3 months time. A stomach ache sent me for tests and so I was fortunate to be able to begin treatment early. I watch this ca 125 going up again, now 12, with fear for the future, but always with hope that I won't develop a resistance to the chemo. Finished the last round of Taxotere and Carbo in June, and still have neuropathy in my feet, but this is the worst of it. Hopefully, you will respond to the treatment rapidly! Prayers and Good thoughts sending you way.

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Bonnie, I am very sorry to hear about your tumor marker test and Pet/CT scan results. I just finished my 5th chemo tx last week and have one more to go and then 12 taxol treatments only. Keep your head up girl! You can do this! I am hoping for the best and I will keep you in my prayers.

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I wish I could be there to give you the biggest hug ever. I'm so glad that you will have this time with your family today to just put everything aside and enjoy the moment. You have given me so much inspiration over these last years, please hold on to what you know to be true - you are a strong individual with a loving family, remarkable medicines, and a thorough doctor. And, don't forget all of us here are a big part of your lifeline.
Sending hugs and prayers your way!
P.S. I just picked up my blood work. It has come down a full 4 points in less than 30 days. I hope that I am not putting a false sense of security in this, but I'm also hoping that my doctor will hold off on surgery for this lymphocele since my levels are coming down. Unfortunately, there are no black and white answers to any of this. One day at a time.

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That is awesome Monika, prayers that keep dropping or at least stay put. Love & Prayers


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Hey Bonnie, ditto Monika, I wish I could be there and hug you till it all goes away.I will know Monday if I have a cat scan or if my dr. wants to see me first. I am still spotting, my count is up to 27.8 but I'm holding on to the fact that it is still below 35.
What fun to be with grandchildren that is good medicine! We had our annual fall hot tamale chili cookout in the mountains this weekend, it was and is wonderful to be with family, there were about 50 of us camping. It was great, and Bonnie even with the dry weather we have had, the mountains were awesome,the colors were beautiful,the glory of the Lord, I am always in awe.
Bonnie we know what God says is true and we know he is a God of love and of healing, sometimes I have to pray for understanding and just ask my father to explain this to me, but I know he is my strength and my joy.As Monika said you have always been inspiration for me you are in my prayers and I love you.
Try to pull up Knowthecause it is a web site a Dr. Kaufman it is very interesting.
Keep us updated and stay strong.
Prayers and Hugs to you. Jan

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Hi Bonnie, If you have to have another course of treatments, I hope it will be the best one and get rid of it. I draw inspiration from the women in my support group, some who have rarely had a break in chemo, and who go about working and living as normally as possible.

I've still got my little pumpkins on the porch waiting to be carved. Lucky you to have all the fun of having kids to do that with!

I'm reaching out with a big hug & prayers for you, too!

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