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What to expect now?

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I am sorry for what so many of you are going through! My mother in law was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in Aug of 2003, she had had a hysterectomy 5 yrs before! since then she has had 1 surgery to remove tumours, been on carboplatin until a remission, it came back less the 6 months later,and had spread to her liver and spleen, then took an alergic reaction to the carboplatin, they put her on cistoplatin and the same thing happened. She has been on taxol up until last month when test showed it was no longer working. She is now on caelix and extremly tired and depressed. She is 70 yrs old. I am trying to be the strong and practical one of the family, so what do we expect now?

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I am so sorry to hear the progression of this disease for MIL. I would suggest writing down all the questions you have and asking the Drs. I know the staff where I go will sit down and answer all my questions. Prayers and Hugs


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thanks for the prayers and hugs! My MIL does not allow any to go with her to her Dr. appt. she just tells us what her interpetation is. My aunt passed away last Dec. of ovarian cancer, but trying to make comparisons is very difficult as they are being treated very differently. My aunt did not have any sort of chemo until one month before she passed and then it made her violently ill. We feel she passed because of the chemo.! My MIL will see her oncologist again next week and I guess we wait and see if the caelix is haveing some effect. I am praying it will!

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I too am sorry to hear that your mother in law is having such a time..emotionally, as well as physically. As an 2nd time ovarian cancer survivor, I find that guided imagery from a cd by Belleruth Naparstek, has the most calming effect on my sometimes, runaway emotions. Meditation and Relaxation exercises can also be found on tapes..Music is good therapy too. All the best to her and to you!

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I am praying for your mother-in-law, as well as you and the whole family. If you could just convince her to take someone along, it might alleviate some of the fears and questions. This is not an easy time - please keep us informed.

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Thanks for all your prayers! I will have more info Thurs. when she sees the oncologist again.

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Has anyone suggested any clinical trials for your mom? I know a woman who is older (I think she's in her late 60's or early 70's) who has been being treated with Avastin on a clinical trial, and is doing quite well with it. I know it's not for everyone, but it's an example of how some drugs are being trialed on cancers they weren't originally targeted for.

If you wrote down the questions for her, do you suppose your MIL would take them to the doctor for answers? It can be so difficult to remember them in the best of situations! The lady I've mentioned has steno pads full of questions she's asked, answers, and tracks all of her treatments.

The American Cancer Society site has information on clinical trials.

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