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Been AWOL, catching up.....

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My dear friends,

I just read the board for the first time in a while (very busy lately) and cried, laughed, and then cried some more. Y'all are amazing people and I do not think I would be alive today without you all.

To the "newbies". Bless you and I am so sorry you have to even be here with us but now that you are, you are amongst some of the finest folks I will ever know. Learn and fight with us all. FIGHT the ******* cells. I now can smile when I say that. I thought it was going to get me with my stage iv situation and my liver and lung involvement but I beat the sucker. SO CAN YOU!!!!!!!!!! Research and learn. Load your guns so you can better "manage" your situation. Do NOT ever let a doctor's damn statistic define you. You have the control, take it and trust your gut.

Jana, Tara, Nettie, and Andrea,

Just typing your names warms my heart. I hope each of you know that I am with you every step of your journey. Your support on this board means so much to me. KICK ***, I respect you so!!!!!!!!!!

Kanga, Stacy, and Emily,

You all make me so proud, but tearful at the same time. Your words about me made me tear up and I think it is because it is from heart felt friends. Thank you for being one to me.


We (Lisa Rose, Stacy, Spongebob, Bud, Kerry, Kanort, Mike, Julie, and I am sure I have forgotten someone) meet in Vegas next week for Colon Palooza II. This will be the first time most of us have met. There were some others that tried to come but just couldn't, but that is not the message I want to send. Our getting together is for us all as we fight like hell for our lives. Enjoy every day and fight for it.

Look for messages about Vegas from us. Photos and other bribe materials will be included. But know each and every one of you will be there in spirit with us as well as some that can't. I for one will be carrying Bob, Fitlisa, Judy, and Scott on my shoulders. I am proud to.

Stay strong and more from Vegas next week,

Lisa P.

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Hi Lisa, hope you all have a great time in Vegas. Wish I could be there. Have a drink on me :o}


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Lisa, we are so proud and humbled to have so many wonderfull friends. Look on each other with the love, pride and respect you all so much deserve. Have a wonderfull few days together. I am looking forward to talking to you all by phone. Unfortunately Jen will be working at the same time but I know she will have you in her thoughts.
Have a blast Lisa!!

Linda..I have friends here in oz that support me and in conversation they often ask me about my CSN friends. I tell them about you guys all the time and often bring photos out for all to see. I tell them of the heartache we sometimes suffer but also of the good times. I tell them about our dear friends who have lost the battle. But most of all I tell them about the family, wives, husbands, children and carers that have so much courage to be able to support the ones afflicted by cancer...and I tell them who.Your name dear Linda is never far from my lips. I make sure my friends know the cross you and others had to bare.
Love always Linda.......Scott will always be remembered in my household.
Ross and Jen

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Lisa, you warm my heart also... thank you for making me feel special.

Just wanted to tell you I have been reading the book and got a pH book also. I have already cut red meat out of my diet simply because the more I read the worse it tastes to me... I was a vegetarian in college and I think I might be headed back, not sure - cuz chicken still tastes great! :)

My chemo has been going really well. I just got a portacath put in this am and I feel wonderful!! My right side is a little sore, but I haven't taken any pain meds at all!! I just hope it heals up quick despite all the chemo toxins in my body.

Well. Have a wonderful time in Vegas.. I hope I can make the next trip. Drink one in my honor.

Be well and happy. jana

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Good to see you post, Lisa.

Not to intrude on your conversations, but what books are you reading, Jana? I am interested in checking out some new books and very open to suggestions. I purchased my first nutrition book based upon suggestions from this board and was very pleased.

Have a great time in Vegas. I wish I could go. Oh well, there's always next time.

Take care,


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Hi. I love the book Lisa recommended. It is called How to Prevent and Treat Cancer with Natural Medicine by Dr. Michael Murray. It is GREAT!!

Another one a friend gave me about pH balance in diet and life. It is at my office - I will get the name and email it to you later.

You should post a question to everyone about good books - there are alot out there; Emily knows a ton.

Good luck! jana

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Hey Babe, how have ya been?

You guys are going to have such a blast in Vegas. Just make sure you keep it in line. Don't want to hear any stories of wedding chapels, jail, mounted police, or Elvis!

Actually, some mounted police stories might be interesting!

Well, enjoy. I will raise a glass to all my friends on the 25th. ( my birthday - so I won't forget)

Barb ( who will meet you all at Emily's house at the Colon Palooza 3! hehe)

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Oh Lisa,

Between you and me, Can you get a photo of Sponger in the hot tub? Just wondering what my Thongman would be sportin! hehe

Barb ( or maybe it should be the pool, ey George?)

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Hey girlfriend! Wish I could be in Vegas with the rest of you. I'm planning for next time! Raise your glass and have a toast for the rest of us who will be there in spirit! Oh yea... behave yourself, and come back with some winnings!

Huggggs! Xeeeena!

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