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Time For Testing Again

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Hey everyone. I'm still hanging around reading post and praying for us all every day. Glad to hear from those of you that are NED. My husband had his AAA surgery late last month. Did really well. A little history: Husband dx w/colorectal cancer Oct 03, rad/chemo, surgery, transanal excision, Feb 04, then more chemo (xeloda) for four months. Has been NED the last three times he has had a ct scan, ultrasound and colonoscopy. The AAA was found on the original ct scan (oct 03) that was done to see if the cancer had spread. It had not. We like to say the cancer really saved his life because the AAA could had killed him at any time. It was 5.6 cm.
Anyway, my husband has his 6 mth ultrasound and colonoscopy scheduled for this Monday. His AAA doctor already did a ct scan to look at the stintgraph and included the pelvic area for his cancer surgeon. Everything looked good. Naturally we are nervous. I assume we all will always be a little nervous with any test.
Please say a prayer for my husband that Monday still finds him NED. Thanks for all your support and kind words in the past. This site has really saved me from going crazy and feeling alone.

God bless

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Sending prayers your way for good results on your hubby's tests on monday.

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My fingers are crossed for a great outcome for your husband. And having dodged a proverbial bullet or two in my day, I feel that my prayers are actually heard. I will definitely hold him and you in my thoughts.

Keep up the progress,


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Continued good luck to hubby and you. I go for a 3 month check today; my surgery was Nov 03, with an annual colonoscopy next month and repeat CT scans. Hate holding my breath so long, but you are so right about the support we all find here; keeps me sane, too. Judy

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Hi Kay....struth..I went crazy long ago!!! Hey, keep it all together and things will turn out fine. I am waiting results too...just wish they would not take so long to come thru..makes me crazier!
All the best for hubby monday. Now go take a big deep breath...and think NED, NED, NED!
huggs, Ross n Jen

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I am so glad your husband's surgery went well... may good news continue to come your way.

I will send up a special prayer for your family. Have a good weekend and try to stay sane. :)

be well, jana

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