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New here,Need a friend! Please!

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I had a bunch of test done at the hospital.Exrays showed Tumors,Cysts & polops.In Overies & lots of other places in that region. I`ve been having pain in my stomach,lower abdoman & lower back.It`s getting worse.Im a little scared. they said we need to do a Lyproscopy(where they go in through your belly botton)to find out if any our cancerous.Also possiable Endrometrial cancer. The waiting is almost the worst.Not knowing whats causing the pain & other problems is also horrable.Any one have simmeral symptoms? Thanks,Cinnamon4

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Welcome to the board and am so sorry you have to be here. You will this place is full of support and people who care. My experience with cancer was totally different, they knew right away it was cancer. I do know the fear and anxiety you must be dealing with. When are you haveing the lyproscopy done? Keep us posted and know you are in many prayers.


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Are they doing other tests besides the laparoscopy (blood work, CT scan, MRI, etc.?). Like Bonnie, I can say that I have not had this particular experience. But please keep us informed. By the way, the laparoscopy is a relatively simple procedure. They can see quite a bit that way.

One thing I have been through similar to you is the anxiety, waiting and fear. So, my prayers are with you. We'll be waiting to hear from you.



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Cinnamon, I am very sorry to hear about your pain and you are in my prayers. I was diagnosed on 7/1/05 with ovarian cancer and it was a very scary time for me, so I understand your feelings. I know that the uncertainty that you are feeling from not knowing what is going on is bad. Hopefully, everything will be normal and this will end up just being cysts. I did have a lot of pain in my lower abdomen, as well as a bloated feeling and I also felt pressure on my baldder which resulted in frequency and urgency. I will be thinking of you and praying for you in the next few days. Good Luck!

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The most important thing to do at this stage is to see a gynecologic oncologist - this is a doctor who is specifically trained in gynecologic cancers. IF this is what is causing your problems, your chances for a good outcome are SIGNIFICANTLY increased if your surgery is done by this specialist. I know this is a scary time for you, but please do not allow anyone but a gynecologic oncologist to do your surgery.

Good luck,

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Hi Cinnamon,

I hope all you have are some of the many minor problems all women can have, and no cancer! I had similar symptoms when I had fibroid tumors that were not cancerous. Please come back and let us know what the results of your tests were. We care!

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I am so sorry to hear that you have to go through with this. As you I am also new to the board. I had the same experience as you do back in 2002. I had pain in my back, stomach and lower abdoman area. After lots of tests, ultrasounds, and a Lyproscopy, they found that what started as a simple cyst had grown into a tummor. At the time I had no insurance so I was fighting to get surgery. I finally got surgery in August of 2002 and they found that the cyst which is now a tumor had grown to be almost 8lbs. It was cancerous. I had lost my overy and gaul bladder. Once again I'm running into to the same problem and have to go for more test. They now think my other overy is having the same problem. Feel free to write me. I will keep you in my prayers.

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