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it's been awhile

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hello to everyone.i haven't been on the board in awhile as i have been concentrating on my chemo and trying to get well.i truly hope that everyone is doing o.k. and i keep all of you in my prayers everyday.i continue to have my chemo every week and lately,my cea level has dropped from the high 90's to 16.my oncologist said that it's the avastin doing this and i'm pretty pleased by it.i have a ct. scan scheduled for saturday so i'm a little nervous about the results.i'll probably find out sometime next week.could you please keep me in your prayers that i might get some good news? i really hate the rollercoaster ride with cancer but i will keep fighting.take care everyone and i will let you know my ct. results.may god bless all cancer patients and their caregivers!

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Fantastic news about your CEA level...good thoughts and prayers are coming your way for the CAT scan-

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welcome back. Great news re CEA levels. Will be thinking of you and sending positive vibes your way.

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Great news about the cea. I will keep you in my prayers and thoughts. Good luck on Saturday. It sounds as though everything is going well, so I bet you will get a good result. Try not to worry too much (I know, it's hard)!
Love and Hugs,

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So glad to hear from you. We all get worried when we don't hear from our cyber friends for a while. Take care and get well...I am sending you good thoughts and prayers.


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What good news! Here's hoping your scan provides even more good news for you. Stay strong and focused; keep us posted. Judy

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Always good to hear good news and we hope that news will continue for you. I am waiting my scan results too so my thoughts are with you. Waiting for results is like "watching paint dry" and just as exiting!.....NOT
It still gives me the heebie jeebees.
huggs, Ross n Jen

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