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VEGAS and stuff.....

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Hello all you semi-colons,

I hope you know how much you all mean to me. For almost 4 years (it will be 4 in December) I have posting here and getting to know y'all. Some more than others. Lately I have not had as much time as before to spend on here getting to know some of the newbies. I feel bad about that. It's hard to keep up on all the threads. I homeschool 2 of my 5 kids and I am trying really hard to stay focused on them and not spend my day on here!! :-) It could be so easy.....

So to meet you all would be a joy. When then Vegas trip was planned I signed on. Not at first (I am not a Vegas girl--give me the Wilderness anyday over the Glitz), but my hubby really encouraged me and I got excited over the prospect of meeting everyone face to face!

We didn't have the cash at the time, but believed we would when it came time to buy the ticket. I waited and waited (we were supposed to receive the balance of an inheritance but was caught up in litigation) and still no moola.

So bottom line is.....I will not be able to attend the festivities in Vegas. Please know that I will be there in spirit thinking of all of you.

You can all let out that sigh of relief knowing the sugar police will not be a dampening effect on your partying!! haha. YOU'RE DRINKING WHAT???!!!!

But hey, have one for me anyway ok??

peace, emily who will have to hold that kiss for a future encounter with nanuk......

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Emily, Emily, Emily......

Where do I begin? Hmmmm, here goes....

To begin with, you amaze me. You are such a "hands on" person in every aspect of your life that you reveal to us here. For some reason, every time I see one of your posts, I cannot help but picture a person in a log cabin living "off the earth" in a tie dye shirt and sandals. Ok, maybe the occasional "mukluk," but that's just for special occasions! I cannot even BEGIN to tell you how bummed I am that you will not be in Vegas! However, I am not a complete idiot, and I understand. There was a point when I had my room booked, and when I heard how many people were going, I cancelled my room because there was a HUGE possibility that I wouldn't be able to make it, and I didn't want to have a room and prevent someone else from being able to go. All my kids were on half days from school, there were parent-teacher conferences to be attended, and my son's basketball team would have needed my guidance. Yet, by some divine intervention, my son chose Karate classes over basketball this year, the teacher conferences were all able to be scheduled for Monday, and everything fell right into place. I then had to flounder to make flight and room reservations in a moment's notice! So if you need to shack up with me in order to financially swing things, all I can say is my door is open! You let me know if I can help to get you heading west if only for a few days. You might be able to snag a last minute flight steal!

If there is no possible way to make it happen, just know that the "sugar police" will truly be missed!


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Em, sweetie..is there a possibility we could sulk on each others shoulders? Ah...but there is always next year and I am sure we are going to try our damndest to get there!
Stacey...you better start practising bear hugging 'cos I know Em and I and a lot of others here will want you to give the others an extra huggie from us!
Wish I was a fly on tha wall in Vegas..no tellin' what they will all get up to.
Enjoy the trip those who are going!
luv n huggs, Ross n Jen

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hey y'all,

you're just too sweet......

it's a tie-dye skirt and keens (used to be Birkies until Keens came on the scene...so comfy) and I wear my mukluks ALL winter long inside and out every day!! I have leather ones for the "special" occasions and my canvas/moosehide for everyday. :-) (I should send a photo sometime!)

I live in my cabin but not off the land---just off my local hippie co-op! haha

I have gone 'round and 'round on how to do this trip. I had already asked scouty to bunk with her at the beginning knowing I couldnt cough up the cash for a room (we live on one modest income) so that was covered.

I checked into flights last week. I just don't know. Time is ticking away.....

You know the North Shore has many awesome rental cabins and resorts!! :-) For future reference........and there ARE casinos close by.....

But thanks so much y'all for the generous offers. Truly.

peace, emily who may just have to sit this one out

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Oh Emily,

Oh how I wish you could be in Vegas. Can we help in any way? I truly understand the situation, but we will miss you so very much.

Check your email!


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