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Had breast cancer~now facing ovarian or endrometrial cancer

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I started this once & some how lost it so here goes try # 2. Hello, Im feeling overwhelmed & a little scared. I beat breast cancer~The night before my Masectomy to remove The breast & the cancer with it,I had a bye,bye booby party. Now I need to get cysts,polops & tumors biopyed.They think it might be endrometrial cancer or & uteran cancer,Please excuss my spelling! I`ve been having pain in my abdoman,sides,stomach & lower back & it`s getting worse.I was Hospitalized & thats when they found the tumors,cysts & polops.They go in through the belly button to do it & I can`t remember what it`s called. They made me see a surgeon before theyed do it & he acted as if I`d wasted hid time.I have a hernia & my Gyn. said before they went poking around they wanted to make sure they would`nt perfurate my bowl because of the hernia.He said it would`nt be any riskier then it would be normanly & that could happen even with out a hernia!I hate waiting for the procedure & then for the results. Can anyone tell me of their experiences with Endrometrial cancer & or uteron cancer? PLEASE? I`ve been having other syptoms too. What can I expect? Of the biopsy & or the cancer? Anyone? THANKS FOR LISTENING.LOVE,PEACE & HAPPINESS & Cancer Free Lives & Remissions! Cinnamon4

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Hi Cinnamon. Maybe I can tell you about some of the things that COULD happen or some of the drugs that COULD be given to you.

A belly button incision is actually painful after a day or so, but mostly because of the gas they have to put in. It will leave bruising (bad) and after a few days, the gas will begin to settle in your joints causing them to ache. But either strong ibuprophen or something similar will work for the pain. I had the belly button thing done for a tubal ligation four years ago. The upside of one is...no one will ever notice your scar! And should you desire, you could still wear a two piece to the beach.

Now, about the cancer I had and more. I had a female cancer, but I wouldn't say it was endometrial or uterine. It was GTD (Gestational Trophoblastic disease). They did remove part of my uterus, and did perferate my bowel. If this happens, they can do something about it. They put a tube down your nose for a few days and tell you that you can't have anything to eat or drink, but you may have a few ice chips now and then for a dry mouth. And they will keep you on an IV for fluids. Then they pull the tube out and allow you to have something like juice, broth, and jello.

Chemo's vary. Mine was Methotrexate and Leucovorin, well that was the drugs for the first three cycles. It did cause nausea (but not too bad), tiredness, and mouth sores (those hurt). And honestly, the shots hurt...just a fair warning. They are not unbearable, but...they are not pleasant either. Well, Leucovorin does not hurt at all except for the needle stick. But, that didn't work for me. So then they moved me to Cisplatin and Vepesid. Nasty stuff. Did two cycles of that in the hospital (4 days each cycle) lost my hair then. And then there was the stinging at the IV site and a little ways up my arm. It seems those drugs just like to sting your veins, but it isn't horrid, just more like annoying. And they can cause your ears to ring, and put you at a higher risk for a urinary tract infection. Got a few of those, but they were able to treat them with some antibiotics and...Cranberry juice. My onc. told me to drink 1-2 glasses of cranberry juice a day to keep my tract flushed out and help prevent the infections. The cranberry juice was definately better than dealing with the infection.

I don't really know what else I can tell you. I wish you the very best. If I'm not mistaken, some of the drugs I mentioned above are used for other female organ cancers.


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lilmom2Thank you so much for your reply.Your the only one who has.I`VE been feeling so Alone & Scared.I have a lot of very good friends but some how their words of comfort,don`t seem to be helping.Things like,Im sure your fine this time.Call me when you know something.It feels like they don`t care or are unconcerned.Then when no one here replyed,I really felt all alone! I had a bye,bye party the day before my Masectomy.It`s in the Expressions Gallery.Thank You & I Hope & Pray that you stay cancer free Ali. LOVE,PEACE & HAPPINESS & MANY PAIN FREE CANCER FREE DAYS FOR EVERYONE HERE.cindi

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Whole food nutrition is the answer. Have you check into this. www.wholefoodhealthnut.com. Read the research, listen to the audios of the doctors, this product has helped my family.

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You are not alone! I have survived melanoma AND cervical cancer -- some of us are "lucky" enough to have two different kinds . . :) Anyway, for the cervical cancer, I had a radical hysterectomy (takes EVERYTHING) with lymphadenectomy (where they biopsy a boat-load of the lymph nodes in the area). My surgery was without complications, so I don't have any experience with the bowel issues except that it apparently takes a while to get the function back to where you were before, if you get my drift. Also, I went home with a catheter for 10 days because the surgery "iritates" the bladder, and they want to give it time to "heal" so that it will continue to work properly. My path reports were clean, so I don't have any info. on possible chemo/raditaion. The treatment will depend on staging of the cancer and reproductive issues.

My mother has a good friend who just had the same procedure I did (minus the lymph part), but she had uterine cancer. We're both doing great so far. I'm in my mid 30's, and she's early 60's.

You've been down this road before, and you'll make it once again! Have faith in yourself and don't feel alone because you're not -- far from it! Best of luck with everything!

Stay Strong!

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