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feeling more optimistic

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Hi everyone,
I saw my oncologist today. The reason that he said that it is inoperable is that there are 2 tumors in different lobes. The report also states that there are another 1-2 very small tumors that are probably cancer.
As of tomorrow I am on disability. My hours at work aren't flexible and I work with infants so it's probably for the best, though I'll miss it. The good thing is that I'll get to spend more time with my children and grandchildren.
He wants to put me on Folfox 6. I am having a port put in next Tuesday and will start chemo the following Tuesday.
I still plan to get a 2nd opinion, either at UCLA or City of Hope, hopefully before I start chemo.
I also plan to look into alternatives, but in addition to chemo. Sorry Emily!
This weekend I am going on my first cruise. It has been planned for a long time, though I'm not sure how I feel about going right now. Hopefully it will do me good to get away for a few days.
Thanks to everyone who responded to my post! You really helped.

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Go on that cruise and enjoy! It will be good medicine.
I did the same thing you are planning when I found the cancer had spread to my lungs. It wasn't that my onc didn't make any sense, but I wanted confirmation that I was doing the right thing.
Take care and keep us updated.

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Hi Jamie..sorry I missed replying to your last post. You know us ozzie's. Always "behind the times". Hey..you have every right to be worried but at the same time don't give up! I have a wonderfull friend here in Scouty(Lisa). Now I don't want to single her out cos all the others might get jealous...lol!...but in truth Lisa is kinda like a sister to me. I have a photo here on my wall of her and I look at her EVERY single day and see her vibrant face...she is so incredibly pretty and healthy looking and we all know how hard she has fought this crap. You too, Jamie are going to continue to fight it and tell us in the future that the tumours are shrinking...I know it..you believe it!!!!
When I speak to Lisa on the phone I get a little emotional..thats kanga as we know..but it REALLY amazes me how wonderfull listening to her words about beating cancer are. Do the chemo Jamie and if you can heed Lisa's and Emilies advice on nutrition.
Something has definately gotta be working!
love n huggs, Ross and Jen

ps.....Lisa..honey..sorry, I had to say all that babe, you are my rainbow.

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Hi Jamie,

I missed your earlier post as well. I'm so sorry you are having to deal with mets, but it sounds like you have a plan and are ready to fight from all angles.

Enjoy your cruise and try to put your cancer concerns on hold until your return.

Rest, relax, and return with renewed resolve to win your battle.



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Hi Jamie,
It's great to hear you sounding so much better. It's so hard when the terrors get hold after hearing about these bumps in the road. I responded to your earlier post before reading this one; glad your feeling better and have a clear plan in hand.
Go on the cruise; I went away on a planned trip the week before my original surgery, wondering how I could enjoy myself, but, guess what? I had a great time, and it was a wonderful distraction; you deserve a treat. Judy

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Thanks for the update -- have been thinking about you. I think the cruise is an excellent idea. I hope it brings you some joy, peace, and indulgence. I'm on folfox now (as are several others on this board) -- please don't hesitate to ask any questions about that.

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