Casodex and Lupron treatment for low PSA

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A recent MRI suggest Bone Metastasis in my right hip area along with possible residual cancer cells in some seminal vessel tissue. The MRI was done after my psa rose to .7 from undectable following a RP in September 04. All indications were that the cancer was confined to the prostate gland. The radiation oncologist wants to immediately start Casodex and Lupron without doing any radiation. To me this is illogical. On top of this I am not convinced about the metastasis. I have had diagnosed bursitis in my right hip for about four years. Needless to say I am seeking a second opinion from an oncologist at the New Hope Cancer facility in New Port Ritchey, FL tomorrow. I have been taking the Casodex for 5 days with no side effects. Has anyone had similar experiences. One mer thing, I am 42 years old!!