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Overwhelmed and then some

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My husband was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer on his 52nd birthday in August 2005. It has metastasized to his bones and liver but not brain. I am an RN - geriatric. But this is too close to home. He is currently between the 3rd and 4th chemo treatment and this third one has really been hard on him. His weight has gone from 195 in July to 167 last week. When the elderly lose wt. we give supplements like Ensure. Does anyone know if this is good for cancer pt? Seems I read somewhere that extra protein isn't good for cancer pt.
I have no job and am afraid of leaving him alone. He falls asleep as soon as he sits down. He is NOT one to sit still very long. We had so many plans and now have none. I am scared and need to know that it is possible for him to beat the statistics. He is getting chemo at the VA hosp as we have no insurance. They are wonderful, but wonder if there are better treatments we could do with better outcomes and not cost us money as we are waiting on SSI and a VA pension to help us financially. Please give us some suggestions.

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My last day at work was this past Friday, and Sunday I returned home to help take care of my dad since my mom had to return to work. He was originally diagnosed with lung cancer but it spread to his brain. He was given a 0 chance to live. That was 17 years ago. His will to live is what kept him with us. Now there is something new in his brain which in a matter of weeks has turned him into someone I don't recognize. He has trouble walking, talking, eating you name it. He needs someone always there. Yesterday we were told there is probably nothing more to be done for him. He is alright in his head, everything just short circuits before it can happen. He's still fighting though. There is hope. I believe that if the will to live is there, it will happen. You're not alone, but just living day to day taking care of those we love is just plain hard. If you need someone to talk to, just write. Take care and I wish you the best.

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Hi: I am so very sorry you are having to go through this- my husband is 53 with colorectal mets to liver- I too have an RN background- and I have a friend who works for pharma who make ensure and other supplements and I have been assured that supplements are very beneficial for cancer patients- nutrition of any sort is imperative to keep up the immune system. HAve you tried juicing?
I am scared too but try hard not to listen to stats..a very wise survivor told me that if just one person survives- that persons stats become 100%- so why not believe that one person can be your husband??
Live strong and be strong...we really don't have any other choice do we? Also- I know it is hard but keep on making plans...I love the words to a song my kids listen to..."a plan is really a small prayer to father time" and since none of us have a guarantee- why not dream and plan?- to do otherwise is to let the beast (cancer) win!!!

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