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update and a hello

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well this friday i will go in for my 8th treatment of folfiri. my last blood work showed my cea dropped from 10.8to 7.4. my onc has not said a word about a scan yet. i am felling well just getting so tired of all of this. there have been some tuff goings on this board but also great news. i should post more and that is something i am going to work on. i am taking care of my grandma right now who has little time left from her cancer. I am blessed to be able to do this for her. take care all of you


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I am glad that your cea is dropping. I hope you continue with your strength in fighting this.

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How wonderful that your CEA is dropping. I am just about to start my 8th treatment of folfox - we are sisters! I sure know what you mean about getting tired of it -- I can't wait for my tx to end. But, it will. I hope you can find ways of taking care of yourself -- you have so much on your plate....

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you are such a wonderful and giving person. You family is so lucky to have you!!

Congrats on the CEA drop - hey, we'll take any tidbit of good news.

Glad to hear from you... try to stay strong. I was so happy to see your post. Keep in touch.


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Great to hear your CEA is dropping- my husband will be starting another chemo regimine soon for met to liver after being stage 3...he will be on xeliri (folfiri with xeloda rather than 5FU?)..what have your side effects been like- he is dreading it (only just finished 7 months of 5FU/luecovorin in May....I pray for the day that there is a less toxic way of getting rid of cancer cells.


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Great to hear the good news about your CEA level. I sure can relate to "getting so tired" of this.
Hang in there tough girl.
Hope your grandma is able to be comfortable. She is lucky to have you.

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Hi Nettie,

How wonderful that your CEA is dropping. I would take that as a sign of the Folfiri working. Bless you for being a caretaker for your grandmother. What a wonderful and giving person you are to be thinking of others during your time of need.

God Bless and keep you, Nettie,


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Hi Nettie,
What good news; don't worry about keeping up with this board, you sound like you have plenty to do. Take good care of yourself and your grandma and thanks for keeping us posted. Judy

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Hi Nettie...look after your dear grandma, and yourself! We all know that there are times when priorities must over-ride our wish to get here. All the best for your scans. Huggs from oz, Ross n Jen

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It is good to hear that your cea is dropping. I am sorry that your Grandma is so sick. Hang in there. I am thinking of you and praying for you.
Love and Hugs,

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