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survivor of breast cancer & uterus cancer

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I had breast cancer twice, along with uterus cancer. My cancer is estrogen related. I had double masectomy,complete hestorectomy,within the last year. 8 yrs ago I had kemo & radiation treatments with lumpectomy. I am in need of support.The implants were rejected on the left side, due to the radiation damage to tissue. I have now a roller coaster effect emotionally as physically. I am 52. Mentally I am unable to have too many tasks, I get upset in a way of very nervous, & it gets confusing. Then I cry. I am having trouble coping with alot. Is there someone else with the similiar cenerio? Please e-mail me. I live in Lincoln NE

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Hi Misty,
Im sorry about your cancer. Cancer is scary, treatment is hard and all of us find ourselves in your position, emotionally, at one time or another. I've been battling a rare cancer since 1987 (I'm 52) and I had an emergency total hysterectomy because of a cancerous tumor three years ago. I was nervous, very jittery and depressed for a while. Most hospitals have social workers to help cancer patients, check with your oncologist or your hospital. Therapy really helped me a lot. The survivors chat room here is a nice place for support too, people there have gone through similar things and are understanding and supportive.
All the best,

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misty51,Now they think I may have Endrometrial cancer or ovarian cancer.I know how over whelming it is to deal with cancer before & afterwords.I joined a cancer group which helped.It helped to talk to others who`ve been through it & understood how it feels.Now I`m in a Depression Group.Have you ever heard of Bernie Siegel? He`s a ONCOLOGIST & WROTE 3 Wonderful books.The lastest one`s "How To Live Between Office Visits",The first 2 books are Love,Medicine & Miracles & Peace,Love & Healing. I had breast cancer on my right side(total masectomy)then I had to keep going back for lumps on the left side.They told me to come back everytime I felt a lump.Which was every week because I had fibroed cysts.I ended up seeing the same radiologist who said the same thing he had told me with the right breast,"Well you can wait 6 months & see""on the one IM not sure about" If I`D Listened the first time Iwould`nt be here now.I`ve been through a biopsy,2 masectomys,2 lithtripsys,appendectomy & 2 years ago I had a Gangerous Tumor removed from my colon,got Od`d on Morphine,stopped breathing. I DO UNDERSTAND!Please Email me anytime you need to talk.cindigoesindigo@netzero.net Love,Peace & Happiness To you Misty.YOU ARE NOT ALONE!I hope I Helped some.Best Wishes & Prayers.cindi

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