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Swelling after treatment

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I am a 32 year old single mom and was diagnosed with cervical cancer in December of 2004. Since that time I had surgery in which several lymph nodes were removed, internal/external radiation and chemotherapy. Also, in February I experienced 2 seizures in which they could not find any cause.

Because of this I have lost my job and had to move back in with my parents. Now I am experiencing swelling of the lower pelvic area and upper legs. I'm assuming this is due to treatment but not sure what to do about it. Also, I am having a very hard time finding employment.

I live in a very small town, with very few employment opportunities trying to take care of a 6 year old w/o any income. I am very greatful to be alive and ok for now but where do I go from here?? There aren't many people to talk to in my area and would appreciate any comments.

Thank you!

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Hi Lisa! I too had cervical cancer with a hysterectomy and lymphandectomy. (I did keep my ovaries). That was 2 years ago. While I have been fortunate not to have tons of swelling in my pelvic area, I do get really sore near my groin if I exercise too much. I think that it is pretty common to have leg swelling near the groin after lymph node removal. I have a friend whose right leg only swells up whenever she worksout! Have you checked out the website called hystersisters? It is a great site for questions and suggestion also.

My symptoms and side effects from surgery stuck around for well over a year after surgery. I still have some issues but they are much less now. I try to remember all that my body has been through and how it will take some time to adjust to having parts of it removed. Be strong, it will get better with time. You will be in my thoughts and prayers!

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Thank you very much for your reply. Hopefully your right and after time things will get better.

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I also had alot of problems with swelling, etc. It sounds like you have lymphadema, which is swelling caused by lymphnode removal. Because your lymphnodes were removed, the liquids in your body have no way to move around and get stuck which causes the swelling. you should talk to your dr. about physical therapy. I went for awhile and they did manual lymph drainage which got rid of the swelling and they also taught me how to do it at home. I wore a tight legging thing, it was uncomfortable but helped tremendously with the swelling and the pain. I'm not a dr., but that's what worked for me!!!

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