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Newlywed, newly diagnosed with Cervical Cancer

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The past week has been life altering. I discovered I had a tumor on my cervix on a friday. Had an appt w/the oncologist on Monday, and had surgery the following Friday. (A biopsy & Cystoscopy). Oncologist called today with results...not good. The cancer has spread to my lymphatics, which is what I didn't want to hear. I'm scared, angry, worried, confused, and a dozen other emotions are running through my head. I married in April, have 2 children from a previous marriage, and 3 step children. We wanted to have one together, but those dreams are shot now too. I have many friends and family that are so supportive. They bring dinners, flowers, cards, and frequent phone calls to check on me. But there's something missing. Why do I feel all alone? Do they really know what I feel inside? Do they really understand how I view my life now? I joined this forum to hopefully find someone who has a similar situation. Someone who can really understand what I am going through. Someone to lean on. Someone to listen. Someone to inspire me. I wait for that someone.

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Although I don`t have Cervical Cancer.I did have breast cancer & might have Cervical or Endrmetrial cancer Or uteran cancer.Im waiting to get schdualed for my biopsy.Where they go in through your belly botton.I forget what thats called.Anyway I know how it feels to hear thoses words.Like the wind got knocked out of you,Scared,Angry & so helpless & emotionally blown away.Friends & Family can help get you through it & so can attending cancer support groups.You can Email me Any time you need to talk or need a friend who understands the whirlwind you feel your in right now. Email me at cindigoesindigo@netzero.com Also get Dr. Bernie Siegel Books~Love,Medicine & Miracles & also Peace,Love & Healing &How to Live Between Office visits~A guide to Life,Love & Health.Their very Helpful & Hopeful.If i can do anything? Email me! LOVE,PEACE & HAPPINESS & BETTER DAYS AHEAD! Cinnamon4

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I was diagnosed with cervix cancer in June. I chose to fight it alternatively. My doctors suggested a radical hysterectomy chemo and radiation. Hoever I felt like I was on a mission. Still am. I was at a stage 1B six months before it spread to the rest of my body and 5 years to live. My doctors said that no herb in the world would help. I said, "Thank you for your professional opinion." I sought out a professional medical alternative doctor that was willing to work with me. He started me on high doses of Vitmain C and Laetril immediately. I went to the center for approximately 4 months twice a week. I passed the melon size tumor six weeks ago. However I never was able to stop the bleeding. I created a salve to slow down the blood flow and most of the time stopping it however depending upon what I ate, the bleeding increased dramatically within a period of 1-2 hours lasting for six. Suddenly 3 weeks ago my body turned against me. I could not even drink a cup of tea with saturating my pants in blood. Is this extreme yes. However I wanted to find a way to beat this without medical attention if I could. My alternative Doctor suggeted Cesium a pure mineral that alkalines the body. I choose this as my last option. I have been taking Cesium and Potassium for two weeks in addition to a product called Vibe. I can tell you that I feel amazing the bleeding has stopped completely and I'm passing strange white tissue. I have not been told that I'm cancer free however my appointment is next week with my Gyno. I'm inspired by my body's reaction to this mineral. I will keep you posted if your interested.

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i would like to know if this works , it's been 4 yrs so i guess if u answer it worked?

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You may also benefit from the Gynecological Cancer Discussion Group.
Also - there is a search box - so you can type in a word or phrase and find messages that may be related to what you are looking for.

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