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long term radiation problems assoc with ssc base of tongue

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My husband was diagnosed and treated for stage 4 base of tongue ssc seven years ago. After 8 weeks of chemo and radiation followed by a radical neck dissection, he has been cancer free since! The effects of radiation seem to be accumulating though. He has developed problems regulating his blood pressure with fluctuations between high (170/110) and low(60/40) creating weakness, fatigue and memory problems. The doctors are working to deal with the problem thinking there is nerve damage to the vagas nerve. He has developed numbness in both arms due to brachial plexis nerve damage as well. Anyone experiencing these same problems and if so how are you being medically treated? Thanks!

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I have nerve damage due to radiation. My hands are numb and it is worse in cold wheather. I take neurontin 3 times aday. Take care!

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