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This me again, Kim. I am new to the forum. And I think it is wonderful to have this forum for us to exchange healthy tips, help, and support one another. I wish I checked this website two years ago, but i got occupied with so much. Anyhow, My mom is 64 when she is diagnosed with stage 3C ovarian cancer. Now she is 66 year of age. During a chemo treatment, she also went through similar experience as most of you went. I just want to share one tip. I think one of the factor that my mom has enough energy to go through a chemo treatment is that she has been drink an aloe vera juicy and wheat grass. These is all nature drink. I have been read about these plants. The aloe vera plant have an antioxidant, and enzyem. You can just do some read online. I believe these plant booster my mom health during a chemo treatment. Just a few thing to share. I will email more later. I got to run.
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Hello, I'm hoping that your mom is doing okay. My name is Paula and my CA-125 is also starting to rise after my first 3mo break from having 8 chemos. It's not that high so I am told not to worry. It's easier said than done. How does the aloe vera and wheat grass taste? Best of luck to you and your mom. Paula

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