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Stage 3b Need Hope

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My father was diagnosed in August with stage 3b nsclc lung cancer with pleural effusion. He has since undergone 12 radiation treatments and chemo which showed no results. He has now started the "second line" of treatment with the drug alimta. He also got a pluerx catheder this past week to drain the fluid from his lungs 3 times a week. I know the doctors are doing all they can for my father but my real concern is his attitude. He has always been a very calm man, extremely easygoing and with the best heart. He is my best friend in the world but since his diagnosis he does not have that "fighting" attitude many survivors mention. He is only 52 years old and he has so much to live for but I fear he has accepted that he will die from this. He spends his days and nights lying on the couch or in bed, occasionally he will sit up in a chair but it is uncomfortable for him to do so. We try to encourage him and tell him success stories but he seems very doubtful of everything positive. If there are any stories out there that could give him hope, or if anyone could reccomend ways to motivate him to fight this, it would be greatly appreciated. I hope everything is going well for anyone reading this and I will keep you in my prayers.

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Hi there. Just look down a few messages and you will see and stage 3b survivors??? I posted this and had good responses, read them to your Dad. Hope this helps as we are all going through the same thing, the most difficult thing in my life too.

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I'm one of the 3b survivors you will find by scrolling down a little as recommended. During my illness, I usually had a positive attitude. But there were times that I felt that, just maybe, this is too tough a battle. Now this may sound a little cruel, but my wife reminded me that my illness was not just about me, - it involved a family. She told me not to give in to selfishness and to fight! She was absolutely right! You know your dad best, and I'm sure that you can find the appropriate words, but I think that you should try this approach to motivate him. This is the battle of his life, and no resource should be spared. (I fully realize the danger of laying a guilt trip on a terminally ill patient, but I don't believe that this is the case here.)

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i was also diagnosed with lung cancer this July at the age of 51. I had a pluerx cather inserted due to a malignant plueral effusion. I know what your dad is going through and my heart goes out to him. The research and the prognosis sounds grim. BUT... like my name says... i believe. I am doing very well... i am working full time, completing my master's program and taking life one day at a time. Remind your dad that there are miracles and believe me.. i have seen them since July. In small ways but you have to look and they are there. My sister died of lung cancer 8 years ago and she struggled so much with depression. Tell your dad, there are others and we will survive.. just out of pure orneryness if for no other reason. I have found a freedom i never knew existed before cancer. I don't worry about the small things and i just "feel" things will be ok. i am currently going through chemo. We lack information, which i find so frustrating. i would love to hear what your dad's doctors are telling him. Together we can beat this thing... i believe in that.

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Click the link. This person who's e-mail address is listed at bottom of chart has generated a list of survivors. Hope this helps.


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Hi,my dad was also diagnosed with 3B NSCLC in August. He began his treatment on in September and has just completed 6 weeks of radiation with chemo once a week during those 6 weeks. He's on a treatment break now and is due to start 3 cycles of chemo over 9 weeks in November. From what I understood from the docs, its too soon to see the maximum treatment benefits from the radiation just yet. My dad's radiologist said the shrinkage wont be visible on a CT scan as the radiation would show up as fluff. He advised us to wait 2 months and do a PET scan which will show activity within the tumor should it still be there.
Stay positive - your dad and your family will be in my prayers

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