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I posted a few weeks ago that my boyfriend had got good Ct results (NED following mets to liver). Yesterday afternoon when he had a BM there was blood- lots of it. He went to his local GP last night and is due to see his surgeon this morning. The same think happened i,e, more blood during the night when he went to the bathroom. Has anyone and experience of this happening? He had an illiostomy last nov and reversal op in Feb. He's been in great form for the last while and this has come completely out of the blue. V worried and would appreciate any comments. Joanne

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I understand how that would totally shock your boyfriend. Especially having been on the right track with NED for so long.

I cannot explain or speculate what the problem might be, but I think that detection is the key to solving the majority of the problems that arise with this disease. Don't you think? Yes, ignorance is bliss, however, ignorance is not healthy. Having the docs address his concerns is the right thing to do.

Keep us updated, and my wishes for you both to get through everything with flying colors.


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You are on the right track--ask the dr and have some tests run. We'll pray that it is nothing serious. Chin up- blessings,neelieC

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Hi Joanne,

As the others have said, try not to worry until everything is checked out. Hopefully, it is nothing serious and something that can easily be resolved. Keep us posted on the results.


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