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Malignant Mixed Mullerian Tumor of the Ovary

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I have not been able to find anyone with this type of Ovarian Cancer so I thought that I would try again. Most O.C.cells are carcinoma but mine is mixed. (carcinoma and sarcoma) I was diagnosed stage 3B, Dec 2004. I have had 8 chemo's of carboplatin and taxol and my CA-125 is already on the rise. My last chemo was May 25,2005. I have recently had a CAT SCAN that did not show anything. I do know that this type is generally more progressive and very rare. Does anyone have this cell type of Epithelial O.C.or know anyone that does?

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There is another online resource for women with Ovarian Cancer and I believe there are a couple of women who post regularly who have the MMM tumor. Go to www.acor.org and follow the directions for subscribing to the Ovarian Problems Discussion List. There are over 1,300 subsribers and you are bound to find help & support.

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Paula, My sis is battling MMMT of the uterine. She is 34 and stage 4...Paula are you ok? What can we do for you? My name is Elizabeth. My sis is Stephanie. Do you have any advice for me??????

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Hi, Elizabeth! My name is Paula and I just read your message to me. I am doing good, so far. I have not had any major problem since my chemo. I have read everything that I could on MMMT and was expecting a recurrance to happen at each Dr. visit. I have faired so much better than some of the others. I think that the Dr. that did my surgery must have done a very good job and he was just an OBGYN, plus the 8 chemo's. How is your sister. I sure hope that she is doing okay. Thanks for writting. Take Care and Good Luck to both of you, Paula

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