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Stage IV survivor w/inoperable cancer polyps?

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Hi, my brother has just had surgery and the doctor has found that the cancer has gotten to his fatty tissues and his small intestines, some of which could not be removed. Through reading the site, I've found that some survivors have had their tumors shrunken after going through chemo. May I ask if others have been in my brother's situation, and which chemo treatment have they gone through. Thank you.

BTW, it has not gotten to his liver and kidneys.

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Hi my dad has a tumor in his abdomon on his lower right side that has invaded the fatty tissue so it is un operatable and he has had 8 rounds of chemo and the tumor in his abdomon has been shrinking. He goes for another cat scan next week to see if it is still shrinking. He also has a few spots on his lungs that are also shrinking. I know he is on 5-FU and Avastin but im not sure of the other chemo he is on. Mindy
Good luck to your brother.

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I was not in the same situation as your brother, but I just wanted to wish him well. He is very lucky to have you as his advocate. Keep us posted on his progress.


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