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seen or seeing counselors or psychologist

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k so im a survior for year and a half. i havnt had any problems since the end of my chemotherapy in may 05. Had 3 surgeries which ended with a hysterectomy. Completed 3 months of Chemo then quit and my doctors supported my decision. I havnt had any problems since then. However a female age 22 with hysterectomy brings up some issues. Also some days I'm fine while others days I'm completely engulfed in my thoughts about cancer, tx, and dx.
My docs said im the only one in US to have this type of cancer at my age. leaving me kinda alone.
I been thinkin bout getting some type of counseling or psych tx because i dont feel normal and i want it all to be fixed. My mind, my thoughts everything. However... I already beat cancer and my life isnt being threatened anymore by it. Im confused because if this is how cancer survivors, or people going through cancer, normally feel then maybe i should just give it more time... but at the same time i just want the thoughts and the self-confidence issues to stop... i want to be back how i was before all the cancer and tx and dx.
i know this all probably sounds super silly. i dont know how to explain it all. if you have any thoughts or suggestions. please im open to it all.

Thanks, prayers and thoughts to all

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Hey I have to tell you that what you are feeling is normal but unique at the same time. I was diagnosed with Non Small Cell Lung cancer at 21. Took 9 months to get to a cancer diagnosis after I was told that the (really stupid doctor) was 100% sure it was NOT cancer.... WRONG hehe I had surgery and my stage was insitu as he put it I was lucky.... I asked him how he figured that one. Why? Because I had cancer. I spent 9 months believing there was NO WAY it could be cancer. I yet to find someone my exact age who had the cancer I have met some amasing people and I am 24 now. They found an 18 yr old MALE which was another rare case with the same cancer I had. My doctors saw no issues with my thoughts or behaviors once I got diganosed and there after I did have a month after surgery where I swear I was temporarly insane cause I woke up in the hospital with nerve damage in my left leg that was so painfull I could barely even want to live. I was fighting but felt like I was loosing myself at the same time. Even now 2 and a half yrs later I feel like parts of me have died or are...... all because my life didnt seem to be where I needed it to be. Its like I am 2 steps behind.

I did see a shrink. He said im "Normal" and I think he was the real nut job.... I mean it was nice to know that what I felt was normal for what happened and what I went through. I went to the shrink cause I wanted to make sure I was fine and thenI realised I was beyond fine. i had problems because my parents did not see me as a different person or want to see me that way. I still live at home and it was like a regression that I did not know how to fight. It was a battle that after cancer and my leg I did not want to fight. for months I could not do many things for myself then I fought for my abilities back. I may still had down days but when I do I say to myself why do I feel like this? and I know how to pry into myself again. I do think a shirnk is a good Idea it will allow you to sort through things on a different level. There is nothing wrong with it and my surgeon and onc both said to go to one for the reason that I was young, I had cancer and what I was feeling was somethin I had never felt before. I only went to my shrink a few times though then I realized I did not need him at all but it did help. If your thinking about seeing a counsler or shrink I say do it because there is nothing wrong with it and most insurance companys will cover a certian amount of visits.....

Just do what you think is best and trust your instincts. I know that what you went through is different then what I have been through. THere are different issues. If you want to talk feel free to email me on here anytime. Time does help but why not find other things that help too?

I hope I was a help....


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Going to see a counselor is a very good idea. For years after finishing chemo my family told me I just needed to get over it, it was in the past. But I couldn't get the experience out of my mind so about a year ago I started going to a counselor, 9years after being diagnosised and 7 years after ending treatment. My counselor was awesome she was a survivor as well and we both learned together what it meant to be a cnacer surivor. There were other issues I had to work through outside of my cancer issues but without her help I would have never gotten that far. Good counselors are a gift and I hope that you are able to find one as good as mine was. Remember there is no shame in seeking help.

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I was 38 when diagnosed w/breast cancer. I'm only 4 months out of treatment and by far, this stage is worse then the diagnoses and treatment. I have a lot of bone pain caused from the chemo and therefore, I'm constantly worried. It's easy to fall into depression when one realizes they have to live their life with the uncertainty. I'm a huge fan of counselors -- they have a job for a reason. People need help moving past things. I say go for the counseling but remember, you must find one that you connect with. A good counselor is one that you can talk with and understands where you are coming from. If there is no chemistry, I've found the counseling doesn't work.

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