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Greetings all:
I've been posting on the colon cancer board, I have/had colon cancer with liver mets. I recently had a ct scan and discovered that my colon cancer and liver mets were gone, but I now have a 3-4mm nodule on my left lung. I'm scheduled for a PETscan in 8 weeks. I realize it could be something other than cancer, but I'm worried...What am I up against? I'm 43, good health, non smoker...
Thanks for the input...

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Hi Buster: I was diagnosed with lung cancer in November of 2003. I had half my lung removed on 11/17/03 and, although I was told by my surgeon that I didn't need radiation or chemo, I went to an oncologist who recommended chemo as a precautionary measure. I went through 12 weeks of chemo and, thank God, have had clean chest xrays since then. Good luck to you!! Roxanne

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I have also had lung cancer. When I was diagnosed last March they said it was inoperable. I had radiation, chemo and it was shrunk enough to operate. I had my right upper lobe removed and then had chemo again. My last pet scan was clear. No more check ups for 3 months

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What's the difference between a PET scan and a CT scan?

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Go to www.medtropolis.com/vBody.asp. On the website look for Cancer in the upper left of the main page. Go to diagnosis. You will find information on testing methods, including PET scans.

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