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CT Test Results...

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Greetings all:
For those of you who aren't familiar w/ my story here it is...I was DX'd last December with Colon Cancer w/ Liver Mets. I had small tumor in my sigmoid colon and three lesions on my liver. Since then I have undergone 12 cylces of chemo, a colon resection, and 5 wks of radiation. Last week I had a CT Scan...I got the news today and although I should be very happy, I'm not.The cancer in my colon and liver are gone, however, a 4mm nodule has been detected in my left lung. My onc said he wants to do a PETScan in 8 wks. He did not seem to be overly concerned. He said it could be a number of things, cancer included, but it was really to soon to tell.
So, I have mixed feelings, on one hand I feel great that I no longer have any visable disease in my Liver and colon, and on the other hand I feel like I did when I was first diagnosed. Do I have cancer all over again?
I'm beginning to understand why they call cancer survivors, survivors, it's a long process...

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I am sorry that you didn't get the all clear. NO you don't necessarily have cancer!!!! I don't know a lot medically speaking, about metasteses (sp?) so I don't dare advise you, but I do know that I had a scare with a mammogram and it turned out to be nothing. Hang in there and maybe get another Doc to scan it sooner if you can. I will be thinking of you.

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there is no ppoint in my saying not to worry, because I think you will anyway. all of us would. But, you know, people who never had cancer can have spots on their lungs that are benign and require no treatment. It is a very common condition. So try and keep this in mind. I know 8 weeks is a long time and I hope everything turns out fine and that you manage to stay reasonably sane until then.

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Hi Buster
My boyfriend got almost identical results to yours the week before last and the onc was v definate that the spot on his lung could be any of a number of things and that he's fairly confident (as they can be) that it's not cancer related. He suggested 3 months more of chemo (changing from IV to Xeloda tablets) and reducing the Erbitux from every week to every two weeks. They're planning on having another CT scan and his first PET scan in 3 months. For the moment we are thinking only positive things as we really weren't expecting the tumours on his liver not to be visible. Hope it stays that way! Good luck to you too and let us know how you get on.


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Hi Buster,
You are so right about the strength it takes to be a survivor. GREAT news about the liver lesions, and hang in there with the lung nodule. I have a few nodules in my liver that were found on old studies predating my cancer dx, and they remain there today. It always sounds so easy for the docs to "wait and see"; try not to jump to conclusions and remember to "live strong" in the meantime. Judy

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Dude, you just kicked some serious cancer *** and this is minor right now. I was told I had a lung met in my left lung last year and now my oncologist thinks it might never have been a tumor in the first place. I understand that you probably have read (like I have) that lung cancer has the highest mortality rate of all cancers but you do NOT have lung cancer. You have colon cancer that has spread to you lung MAYBE!!!!!!!! It could be so many other things. Have you had any bouts of bronchitis or pneumonia lately? The lungs don't heal as quickly as the liver unless you help them. Drink loads of water and try to eat some eggplant (it is used to induce labor in some societies since it seems to help expel things. I know that I ate it several times a week and think it helped me expel what I think was my original rectal tumor this past January. I also coughed up lots of stuff.

You have come so far, and I completely understand how not hearing NED can impact you (been there, done that too many times to count). I personally took your results to mean you are NED from your original tumors. Celebrate that for at least a day or so and then tackle this next hurdle.

Lisa P.

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Hiya Buster....it's all been said mate. You have done the hard miles and are doing real well mate. I would be the last one to tell you not to worry..but hey..you kicked butt!! Don't try to cross tha bridge 'til it's built mate....you'll be fine!
cheers, kanga n Jen

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This is why I love this website! I appreciate your candor... As far as my health goes, I'm in good shape, I'm a 43 yr old male, 6'0, 175, I own my own business so I work a lot, I exercise when I can and I eat well.
Scouty, you're right, we're not sure what this nodule is all about, btw, i don't have bronchits or pnueumonia, hell, I don't even have a cough. I do drink an *** load of water and I do like eggplant, especially eggplant parmesan!
One interesting thing that has happened is that now that there is something suspect in my lung, I feel every ache and pain in that region!!! But the same was true with my liver and colon. Funny how the mind works...
Bottom line is this, I'm bracing for the worst and hoping for the best! If I have colon cancer in my lung, I'll deal with it. I have a lot to live for, a 3yr old son, a terrific wife, and great family and friends...
Anyways, appreciate the notes from all of you, they really do pick me up!

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