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Acid vs. Alkaline

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Good Morning,

I was wondering if anyone has used any type of supplement to raise the body's alkaline level. My Dad is as acid as a body can get and from what I have been reading, cancer causes that. Being acidic prevents the body from being able to optimally fight anything. I have also read about some studies that showed that cancer CANNOT survive in an alkaline environment and that if you raise your alkalinity enough the cancer cells will start dying off.

Has anyone ever heard of Cesium. My research shows that it can raise the alkaline level pretty quickly whereas regular supplements like magnesium and potassium raise it very, very slowly.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You and Best Wishes to All,

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HI Deneen - The types of foods which your dad consumes will (to the best of my knowledge) create an acidic or alkaline environment actually from their residue or ash after metabolism. I have tables/lists which came through a health food store. You can also look on-line for information. It is ineteresting and yes, from all reports, cancer does not like an alkaline environment. Other people on the site will give you some info as well...but this might be a good place for you to start. The lists/tables show mild through very alkaline and the same for acidic foods. Hope this has been a bit of info for you. The kicker: the changes are really easy to make and it is a very healthy way of eating. I don't miss anything; I think practitioners are hoping people will comsume 80% from the alkaline side. Take care - Maura

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Forgot to mention the important part....the most refined of foods - those with white sugar and white flour - are incredibly acid forming; oddly enough, though, artificial sweeteners come in the highest. Beef, carbonated drinks, cigarettes, lamb and pork are also high. There is another factor which leads to an acidic environment in our systems: stress (overwork, anger, fear, jealousy, resentments) sends signals (cortisols?) which can affect the alkaline/acid balance. So, I guess getting to know a healthy diet and ridding ourselves of unwanted stressors is a pretty groovy idea...Just writing this has been a good reminder for me. All the best - Maura

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Hi Deneen,

Maura is right about the food charts you can find on the internet. I think the most amazing thing to me when I first looked at the food charts was that table salt was extremetly acidic but sea salt is extremely alkaline, Apple cider vinegar is alkaline while white vinegar is extremetly acidic. Interesting huh!!!! I bought some pee strips (that is what I call them, PH is their official name) so I can test my urine when I want to. You can find them online or at most health food/healthy supermarkets. They are not expensive. I drink a green drink twice daily (I use Green Magma but others are Barleans and Perfect Food). It is a concoction of green veggies along with barley grass and some sea veggies, all of which are very alkaline.

In general, most fruits and veggies are alkaline while meats (beef and lobster being the worst), dairy, alcohol, processed foods, soda (diet and regular), fried foods, ice cream, sugar, and antibiotics are acidic. You need a balance of both, but again I agree with Maura that I try to do more alkaline then acidic foods on a daily basis. Beans and grains are pretty neutral but there are varying degrees of the categories. Onions, garlic and mushrooms are all alkaline so the chart is interesting.

If you want to do a search on a chart, mine is titled "Food and chemical effects on acid/alkaline body chemical balance".

Lisa P.

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