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Unspecified Cancer

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Dear all,
A close friend has just been diagnosed with cancer in her arm. Her doc.s tell her it's stage 4, but say they can't tell what type it is - is this usual? I had hodgkin's last year. It was very important in the treatment to know exactly what type it was. Is this not the case for other cancers? Also, regardless of what it is, they've recommended that she has an amputation. Even though I went through/am going through cancer myself, I never had to deal with that, and would love any tips on how to help her deal with this massive life changing experience. I know how scared she must be. I just want to help. Thanks.

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I don't know where you are, but get her to a major cancer center! It COULD be a sarcoma, which is rare and often hard to diagnose. I have had a GRADE 4 in my lower le, and it's never been recommended that it be amputated. I bo to mayo Clinic in Rochester. There is on in Fl and Az. and many other fine facilities thoughout the US. Good luck to you and your friend.

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You had better get an opinion from a Doctor that has experience with this. I am not real comfortable with these docs who want to cut and amputate without any proff of what it is and what is will potentionally do. I was diagnosed with a Liposarcoma of the right leg and after I had 2 doctors tell me they needed to amputate I had one who said,"I'd like to try and save this". Which one do you think I went with since I still have both of my legs??
Please get at least one more decision because once they cut you can never replace it. I reccommend you try evrything else first and after you exhaust every possible treatment and it is determined you can not save the arm, then and ONLY then do you go with amputation.

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Can you provide an update on your friend? Was the cancer eventually properly diagnosed and what type of treatment did he/she undergo? A biopsy should have been able to provide a proper diagnosis and amputation should be a last resort in today's world of cancer treatments. As always, I wish your friend the best.

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