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Colon Palooza 2

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Just a reminder and an invitation to everyone here to put October 25 - 28 on your calendar!!! That's the Colon Palooza 2 date in Las Vegas at Alladin's Hotel. Good fares can still be purchased and if you act NOW you can still get a good room rate.

It will be lots of fun, meaningful conversation, and did I mention FUN!

There is a special suite reserved for our "meet and greet" on the first evening. Food and beverages provided!!!

Our friends from the CSN will be there as well as some of the folks from the Colon Club.

If you can make this trip, get yourself to Las Vegas and meet your fellow Semi-Colons. So far we have committments from: SpongeBob, Scouty, 2bhealed (Emily), Stacy, Maura, Knort (Kay), Nanuk (Bud), Lisa Rose, Kerry, Mike, Wanda (?? we want you there honey. There will be lots of surprises for everyone, entertainment, lots of love and hugs.

If you want more information please email me here and I'll get back with you ASAP.

See you in Vegas!


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My reservations are all made and baring unforeseen circumstances I will be there will bells on. I promise to wear other clothes too so I don't scare anyone.

Thanks for the reminder Kerry and I am really excited about meeting everyone in person. As the time gets closer, we will have to collect phone numbers of folks that can't come so we can cyber link them to the fun and true friendship. I was at Colon Palooza 1 and it was awesome. If you can y'all, come join us. You will not regret it, I promise.

Lisa P.

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Thanks Kerry, I booked my flight last weekend. I can't wait.


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I can't make it, but I want to see pictures!

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I would love to see pictures also. I can't make it either. How about a meeting in the lovely northeast? Boston would be a good location, maybe.


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Lisa Rose
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Palooza 2

When I think back to sitting in The Beau Rivage Hotel in Biloxi at Palooza 1, I have such fond memories... When we came up with the idea let's do a semi- annual event we thought where ? ? ? So during a phone call to Stacy she said, Let's all go to LAS VEGAS ... Now the time is here and I'm so excited.

Semi- Colons Rock In Las Vegas ! ! ! I LOVE IT

Kerry, Thank you for thanking care of The Meet & Greet. That was very thoughtful of you & your husband and I look so forward to meeting you both then. God I look forward to meeting everyone.....

Andy & I are booked from Oct 25 - 30. It's a long way from Eastern Canada for 3 days so we'll enjoy the weekend also.

Love To All,
Baby Lisa ~ The Other Half Of The Lisa Sandwish...

Kerry, I also wanted to let you know Julie (aka littlejulie) & her new husband Steve will be joining us in Vegas arriving Oct 26th........

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sniffle! sniffle! Hey baby Lisa. Just remember to put me n Jen between you and Scouty for a cyber hugg!!!!!!! We wanna b part of tha sandwich!

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