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Medical Bankruptcy?

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I really need some help or advice here. I am thinking of filing for medical bankruptcy. I really have no other choice. I'm only 24 and it's sad to have my financial life ruined so soon, but that's part of what cancer does I guess.
Has anyone here been through this process? I think I need a good lawyer but I have no clue as to how to find one. Are there organizations out there that help people with medical bankruptcy? Maybe specifically cancer survivors? I'd like advice from someone who know's what this is like.
It feels like I've had my heart broken. I fought and fought for two years to beat this disease and for what? I can't even go back to college like I wanted to because I can't afford it anymore. I'm not getting any sympathy or support from my family. They think it's no big deal to file bankruptcy but to me it's just yet another way that cancer is destroying me. Please help.

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i do have some resources for financial purposes if you still need them...

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Hi, I know what you are going through, and I truly am sorry. I would like to say that you are a bright young man, and strongly urge you to check your resources first before applying for bankruptcy. If it's mostly hospital bills that are eating away at you, consult the social worker in your hospital and explain your difficulties. That person may be able to find avenues for you to get your medicines free, or even to pay heat and light bills. Mine did. Secondly, please reply to craftspld. She has helped me immensely with finding resources in my area! Thirdly, if it's any consolation to you, I have filed bankruptcy before I got cancer. It was awful not having a credit card to use when in a bind, but it really wasn't so bad. I was able to keep my car, and the creditors who see you at this point really want to maintain a good relationship with you. My husband and I are going to file bankruptcy again in the future, but we are waiting for the medical bills and surgeries to be overwith first because once you file, you can't throw other charges on it.

I know it completely sucks. We are young, 37 years old with 3 kids. Cancer effects all the areas of our lives and day by day I seem to find out how it affects it in ways I never would have thought. You must never give up your fight, even though you feel discouraged. Remember that nobody walks in your shoes and has the right to make you "feel" any certain way.

I also know what you mean about having no family or friends that support you. That is a hard issue to get over. Nobody knows what you are going through and if they cannot support you in the ways you need, time to find some better company. My own family cannot speak to me about my cancer. I think it's because it upsets them so much. But I'm over what they think because they don't raise my children, or pay my bills, nor did they hold my hand at my sickest times. My husband and kids are here, and god bless them, but even all of them have issues with this cancer.
If you would ever like to talk, I'd be more than happy to listen as would many of the other folks who appear in the chatroom. You aren't alone though. I feel it's important that you know that.
We all have our days where we feel that the cancer is getting the better edge. You just push past that and continue to do the daily things you need to in order to get by.

Oh, one other thing, I think the American Cancer Society has access to information regarding legal aid. I'm not entirely sure on that, but your city would definitely have that kind of resource.
God Bless

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Hi ! I am a teacher and in treatment for ovarian cancer. My school system has a sick leave bank program which will grant sick days...mine are all gone. I have 4 treatments left; the last was 9/2 and since my levels a have been too low, all they have done is lab work. Each lab visit is costing me a copay of $300-$400, and from now on any absence results in docked pay at a full day's rate. Essentially, a lab work visit costs me $500-$600. I have tapped out the credit card, reduced contributions to my "nest egg", and have no savings. I am single, but my family can offer no financial support. Oh, and that $2000 health insurance "out of pocket" is a MYTH! The new fiscal year for insurance began 9/1. So, a new deductible and that lovely $2000, came around AGAIN. Since I was diagnosed in July, I have had to meet two deductibles/copays, within 2- 3 months. Please let me know what financial resources you know about. If the grant for sick days happens, it is all moot because I won't lose income. But I really would like to have a plan B and the knowledge of help available. Thank you for a reply, not to mention letting me vent :)! yj6737

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I saw your response and wanted to email. My husband is a Cancer survivor - Renal Cell Ca. He is 33. Amongst everything else we have all been through with this, my husband had a lapse in insurance and we are now facing $9000 plus in medical bills. What type of resources do you have if you do not mind passing that information on. It is greatly appreiciated.

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if you don't mind, could you please pass the resources on to me. I don't know where else to turn. thank you

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hello..if anyone can still help with this. I am the person with the Mom who has ovarian cancer and myself just 8 months out of surgery for a spinal tumor. Am currently on public assistance..a whopping$205 each month. If anyone has ideas please pass them on. We own nothing. And I have no life insurance for Mom when her time comes. I know God will place me in the right situations but sometimes I think I should do something other than just sit and wait. Thank you. Cindy

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I am in this exact same situation, except I didn't have insurance throughout my treatment! I was treated at a county hospital and now I am being hit hard with insane medical bills that I cannot afford can anyone please pass on some information about programs that could help me in this situation? Thank you in advance.

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I realize you posted this years ago but I'm in the same situation and also need resources if you still read these postings. I had ovarian cancer in 2007 and have been trying my best to pay off the medical bills since then but am getting nowhere. I've looked into bankruptcy but at this point I may not even be able to afford the attorneyey fees for awhile. I feel like I've just been treading water to be honest and I would like a chance to save money for once and go back to school but I keep throwing every bit at bills and it still does no good. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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