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Squamous Cell Carcinoma

brendamo Member Posts: 1
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I was diagnosed last year with "Bowen's Disease" an early stage of Squamous Cell Carcinoma. My doctor recommended trying Aldara off-label as a possible cure -- rather than cut a chunk out of my forehead. I had MAJOR success with this. Not only did the cancer disappear in two-three weeks, but so did the wrinkles on my forehead. He had me continue to use the cream for 12 weeks -- and my dermatologist was astounded with the results. My super-fair-sensitive skin didn't react at all. I might as well have been applying Lubriderm. I was 36 years old at diagnosis -- and my doctor did say that my chances of getting this cancer elsewhere or in the same spot were VERY HIGH, almost expected. Thank goodness for genital warts & the discovery of Aldara. My father is a red-head, my mother is blonde...(as am I), but I live in SEATTLE!! Where is that sun?


  • jemeria
    jemeria Member Posts: 1
    Hi brendamo
    Aldara off-label sounds intersting! I also had a scc on my chin and used a cream treatment my doc recommended called 'Curaderm'. I had similar results - the cancer completely disappearedm, with no scarring at all!
    Check out the Curaderm sites!